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About Client

Our client is a group of foremost real estate agents and tech entrepreneurs that’s set to bring a difference in the real estate industry and the way people search for the properties in Hong Kong. The group caters the need of both real estate professionals and home seekers to make the process of property buying a breeze. A wide range of services are provided to the customers to easily search, lease and buy the properties in Hong Kong. Agents are provided access to the newest listings and information leveraging advanced technology to better serve the customers.

Business Challenges

During lease and buying the properties, a lot of difficulties customers face such as different agents keep the property listings with them and it was not shared with other agents and less often updated. This way nobody had the complete picture of the property and at the end, the customer who wants to buy/rent the property would suffer due to inaccurate data. The client aimed to revamp the whole process by providing the latest and accurate real estate information to the agents and customers, and assist them in the best possible way. To achieve the goal, they wanted a scalable web application wherein customers can view the properties available for rent/sale, and real estate professionals can provide prompt response through live chat support.


Brainvire team built a responsive website with a user-friendly interface to provide an accurate online source of properties to the customers and agents. Bespoke web app’s rich text editors and form fields enable the customers to use the web application at ease.


  • Allow customers to search local/global properties for sale/rent
  • Showcase complete details of the properties including price, area, amenities, etc.
  • Newsletter subscription provides up-to- date details of the properties
  • Customers can connect with the agents to resolve the query
  • Property guides provide estate related info
  • Filters alleviate the need to sift through the thousands of properties
  • Multi-lingual website
  • Currency converter displays the estate’s price in local currency
  • The updates are immediately reflected throughout the website


  • Accurate property listing can be maintained
  • Filters save the time and efforts
  • Up-to- date property info improves customer experience
  • Provide higher visibility to the landlords’ properties
  • Strengthen the customers and agents’ relationship