Tips for iOS App Developers for Developing Gaming Apps for Apple Watch

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  • Published On December 14, 2015

  • Updated On June 4, 2024

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Apple’s new groundbreaking revelation at present is the gaming apps for its smartwatch. The company has recently come up with the launch of its smartwatch which we all might be aware of, as this smartwatch was in news for its awesome features that anyone would have ever imagined being encapsulated in a tiny device like a watch.

Tips for iOS App Developers for Developing Gaming Apps for Apple Watch

Once again Apple is gathering news as its developers are now focusing on the development of iOS game apps for this truly smart device in the market, The Apple Watch. Developing gaming apps for such a small screen size would be a tough task for the iOS app developers to go for.

However, a few mobile app developers have already got the skills to do that and hence, there are already more than 6000 apps created for the smartwatch among which most of them are the gaming apps. Hence, slowly but steadily a rise is expected in the demand for gaming apps for Apple’s smartwatch. So, are you an iOS game developer and want to create interesting game apps for the Apple watch? Then just go for it without a second thought as this is a good marketplace to be in. However, before diving into the field, there are a few things you need to consider in order to get in tune with the process of iOS apps development targeted to this Apple’s smartwatch.

  • Gameplay Session Lengths:

It is an ideal task to limit the duration of the gameplay sessions while developing iOS game apps for such a small device with limitations of the battery. Simplify the gameplay and make it short and simple for the best performance.

  • User Interaction:

With just a 1.54 inch screen of the smartwatches, the scope for user interaction is possibly very less. Hence, the game developers have to develop games in such a way that tapping finger on the screen is not required largely because tapping will block the majority of the screen blocking the view of the game for the player.

  • WatchOS2 – New OS for Apple Watch:

Apple’s watch kit has been updated with a new operating system called WatchOS2. This operating system is embodied with awesome features that can help the game developers to create better apps that are native and can be directly be operated from the watch. The new OS has eliminated the drawbacks the earlier OS 1.0 and hence, is a better update for the game developers to go on with.

  • Watch Development SDK & Hardware:

Earlier with Watch OS version 1.0, it was not possible for the third-party developers to build native applications for the device as they had limited permissions or access to limited resources of the hardware. This is not the case with the new SDK introduced in new Watch OS. Now the third-party developers can easily exploit the hardware features and use the software development kit to simplify the iOS game apps development process for Apple’s watch.

Hence, developing iOS gaming apps is definitely going to be a much-simplified process with such desired upgrades coming around. iOS games apps are already popular in the market and hence, the same is expected to happen with these Apple watch’s games too. Hence, as a business, if you are looking to target the new platform for your business development needs, then contact the iPhone apps development experts who can give you better iOS development services to meet your needs.

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