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Brainvire’s Advanced Shift Towards Omnichannel Retail Solution

Utah, USA, 25th January 2017.

Brainvire, one of the premier software development companies got off to a flying start with a complete Omnichannel solution and provided full-fledged centralized as well as individual POS system to gain complete control over inventory management to the client.

Let’s acquaint Omnichannel Retail at a glance

The retail and e-commerce era is radically ameliorating towards more automation. Enriched POS (Point of sale) and Digital Transformation experience the physical store has bought endless perspectives of advancement in web presence. Omnichannel retail has gained recognition that offers an all-inclusive in-store management as well as centralized administration of warehouse and inventory. Be it small retail business or large enterprise, inventory management stays at core part.

Client’s presence in the digital era

The Client owns a leading telecom group company and provides cost-effective communication solution across globally. The business aimed to serve the eminence service approach to their customers through centralized automation of store. A manual inventory management was a quite hard nut to crack as it involves order management, supply chain integration and well-managed inventory operations.

Having expertise in retail and e-commerce verticals, the Client insisted a highly scalable and advanced omnichannel retail solution that integrates physical stores as well as online store administration.

Here are some insights on features that implemented in an omnichannel retail project:

1) Complete warehouse management with entire supply chain integration

2) Purchase order management system that organizes orders from stores and notifies supply chain

3) Separate Point of Sale (POS) system for physical stores that also operates with Online store

4) All-in-one and centralized inventory management that covers all inventory needs at real-time

5) Define separate in-store operation roles that managed by crystalline privileges across the stores

6) Robust and panoramic reports for financial and transactional processes

7) Attractive and dynamic online store for users where they can order and buy online to fulfill the wants

8) Proper and responsive damage/return policy module for products

All along this solution made for inclusive inventory management with the integration of Point of Sale. This system thoroughly helps clients to automate the merchandise processes to fulfill the on-demand omnichannel prospects. This is extremely useful for retailers to get everything in their control whether it is on or offline. Well-managed and well-synchronized inventory management is one of the foremost needs in the expansion of business.

Results at the door!

The project successfully impacted digital transformation in the form of the advanced omnichannel concept. The Client was able to organize all-inclusive inventory along with product order management, individual store point of sale, separate damage/refund policy section, supplier chain management, and entire warehouse.

Presenting our CEO of Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah’s thoughts on Retail Omnichannel, he said, “The omnichannel nature of retail helps in a manner that results in comprehensive inventory management through the integration of Point of Sale (POS). It ensures broad user experience whether it is online or offline.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is pioneered IT consulting and Software Development Company that provides end-to-end and progressive software development approach across the various verticals of the industry. Brainvire delivers a cutting-edge digital transformation solution for web and mobile.

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