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Brainvire Building a Crypto-powered ‘Pay-to-Play’ Gaming Platform for One of the Leaders in the Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming apps built by Brainvire in the recent past have attracted the attention of one of the leaders in this domain. This ‘Pay-to-play’ gaming platform will offer users an opportunity to engage in full-fledged tournaments and win exciting rewards, that also include cryptocurrencies.
15th March 2019 Utah, USA 
Brainvire InfoTech Inc. will roll out a new ‘Pay-to-play’ mobile gaming application that will bring the concept of ‘gamification’ to the fore. It will enable users to capitalize on their gaming skills while they are on the move and get rewarded with cash, gift cards, or some of the company’s loyalty tokens. The loyalty bonus (cryptocurrency) will be stored and regulated on a secure blockchain framework.
Easy regulatory approvals and advancements in blockchain technology are favoring the crypto-gaming market. Leading game developers are rolling out their proprietary games, enabled with cryptocurrency to stand out from the crowd and investors are also betting big on it. Global market reports indicate that the gaming sector is expected to be worth $143 Billion by 2020. “We have witnessed the immense potential of blockchain and the technology is gradually finding its way into the gaming zone. Gamers can relate well to the concept of cryptocurrencies because they are similar to virtual reward points and are more secure compared to traditional currencies,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO-Founder of Brainvire InfoTech Inc.
The use of cryptocurrency in gaming also solves the problem behind ownership of in-game assets, as blockchain-based games tokenize all gaming items. This means that once gamers acquire assets, they remain in their possession within a digital wallet until they decide to trade or sell the tokenized asset – just like any other cryptocurrency.
With a secure DEX (Digital Exchange Server) for transacting cryptocurrencies, the blockchain experts at Brainvire are developing complex APIs to facilitate the exchange/transfer process of such assets. Other features associated with this platform are as follows:

  1. KYC compliance through APIs.
  2. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for secure accessibility.
  3. Location-based accessibility for users based in specific countries all over the globe.
  4. An exclusive e-wallet that will be integrated with PayPal.

The scope of this project also includes enhancement of the client’s current Progressive Web Application (PWA) and the desired changes will also be replicated in the mobile application. Apart from that, Brainvire has also shouldered the responsibility of managing the entire Azure deployment for the application.
About Brainvire
Brainvire is emerging as a market leader by offering cutting-edge solutions for the gaming industry by utilizing disruptive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, the blockchain, etc. With over 18 years of experience and more than 550 employee strength, it strives to create an appealing online presence in the market. Having successfully delivered over 1500 projects to its clientele spread globally, it has endured a 95% customer retention rate. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as Azure Cloud Service, Hybrid App Development, Blockchain, etc. for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority.

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