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Brainvire Celebrates 15000+ Downloads for Various Mobile Games

“It’s time to celebrate the success of the mobile game applications, as the number of downloads has crossed 15000 along with 4.5 out of 5 customer ratings in each of them”

4 January, 2016 - Brainvire, one of the best mobile and game app development company rejoices the high number of downloads of two of its most popular games - ‘OK: Drag smooth okay line to clear the white tiles board’ and ‘Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror’.

In the world of mobility, smartphone and apps have influenced us so much that they have become our necessities. Even kids play more games in their smartphones and tablets rather than playing it for real. Mobile game applications are good for kids as well as adults; so Brainvire provides the best in class mobile game application development services for Android, iPhone and iPad.

We have developed a lot of games like Pop Guess the Luck: Heads or Tail, Quick 100, Crazy Wheel, Genius and Crazy Car, to name a few. However, we have attained more than 17,000 number of downloads for OK: Drag smooth okay line to clear the white tiles board’ and ‘Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror. Moreover, both the games have average 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

  • OK: Drag Smooth Okay Line to Clear the White Tiles Board:

OK is the game of concentration! It is one of the best logical game applications for kids and adults. It teaches you not only to concentrate, but it also teaches you about angles. It is simple to understand, but difficult to clear and that is exactly what makes it so much interesting. The key is drag your finger in a way that it strikes the desired tiles and clear the screen. We are extremely happy to get over 19k downloads and 250+ ratings for OK game app.

  • Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror:

While there are some logical and education game apps, there are some apps just for fun. This app pretends to be the game of dot concentration or mathematical calculation. However, as soon as you start solving the puzzle, it frightens you with scary faces and records your reaction, which you can share with friends. Of course, you can watch your friends’ reactions for the same. Over 16k people downloaded this app and 400+ people rated it, which is a moment of pride for us!

The CEO at Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah says, “We are an award winning mobile application development company and we have attained success in building all types of mobile applications for various industries. We are happy to deliver the out of the box mobile game applications. The secret to our successful mobile games is the use of the latest tools. We remain at par with the latest technologies and methodologies and stay up to date with Android and iOS new releases. We will continue developing such amazing mobile games and keep entertaining even more users.”

Being the best game application development company, Brainvire has got a large team of expert mobile game app developers to build Android and iPhone game applications. Using the latest tools and technologies, our ‘team of expert professionals’ has build several mobile game apps for clients and end users.

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