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Brainvire Celebrates The 1 lakh+ Downloads for iOS Games

“Brainvire team is extremely delighted and proud of "1 lakh downloads" for iPhone mobile game applications”

28 March, 2016 - Brainvire is one of the fastest growing IT company offering the best in class mobile and game app development services. Apart from client projects, we also focus on home development when it comes to iPhone games. We, at Brainvire are celebrating the success of crossing the total 1 lakh downloads for our iOS games.

In this mobile world, where most people have their smartphones in their hands and pockets or within easy reach throughout the day and night, we use our phones even when we don’t have specific task to do. We browse internet in phones, surf eCommerce websites and play game just to pass time. Brainvire offers the world class mobile and game application development services for Android, iPhone and iPad. We also build iOS apps for kids as well as adults that you can easily download from the Apple app store.

Our long list of iPhone games include Crazy Wheel, Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror, OK, Basket Ball, ‘Genius?’, Shades, Zig Zag, Pop Guess the Luck: Heads or Tail, Crazy Car and Pinlogue, to name a few and each of them has got hundreds of downloads with more than 1 lakh total downloads. The top three games each with more than 25k downloads are Crazy Wheel, Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror and OK.

Crazy Wheel:
This is one of the best games just to pass time while you are in waiting room or in queue at shopping mall. All you have to do is tap the screen when arrow matches the color. This game got 38546 downloads till date and 3666 ratings out of which 3114 ratings are from UK itself. You can try it out by downloading it from iTunes.

Scary Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror:
This is another fun game through which you can frighten your friends, record their reaction and share the video on social media. The game pretends to be a puzzle game like math game or dot concentration game. You can start the app and pass your phone to your friend and suddenly a scary face pops up and records reaction. This game has got 31761 downloads till date and 736 ratings out of which 496 ratings are from USA itself. You can download it from iTunes.

Drag smooth okay line to clear the white tiles board: This is one of the best logical games that enhance concentrations for kids as well as adults. All you have to do is drag your finger to strike desired tiles to clean the screen. This game has got 25459 downloads till date and 333 ratings out of which 151 ratings are from USA itself. You can download it from iTunes.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO at Brainvire says, “In this competitive world, where businesses focus only on revenue generation, we have developed iPhone and iPad games for you that you can download and play for free. We have made all types of games and attained success. I am proud to get 1 lakh downloads for my games and we constantly strive to come up with more games to entertain you.”

Brainvire is the leading game application development company with a huge team of mobile app developers for Android and iPhone. We use the latest tools and technologies and tested and proven methodologies to develop the best in class mobile apps and games for clients as well as end users.

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