Brainvire CEO was one of the Leading Speakers at Monetization Mastery Super Conference 2015

Brainvire was the platinum sponsor at Monetization Mastery Super Conference 2015. Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO at Brainvire was one of the major speakers at this event which was held at Eden Roc Luxury Resort in Miami.”

18 November, 2015 - Brainvire, one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies was the platinum sponsor at the Monetization Mastery Super Conference 2015, the number one conversion event for business growth. Brainvire CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah impressed audience at this action packed three-day conference.

Today, business revolves around Mobility, Advertising and Internet Marketing, so competition is getting tougher day by day. This conference played a key role to overcome such situations and explained how adapting to software monetization can help to maximize profits and achieve goals efficiently. Masterminds from across the world met there; out of which few of them gave inspiring speeches and presentations.

Chintan Shah was one of the major speakers at the conference on Day 2. He explained audience by giving interactive presentations not only about monetization for advertising world but also for how monetization can help Advertisers, Networks and Publishers. With the introduction of Brainvire and showcasing about its services, he continued with the Monetization software and how people can maximize their profit by integrating the monetization software to their services.

He also focused on Desktop Plugin, Ad Network, Affiliate System, Digital Marketing, Concept of PPC and PPI with the model of ‘Pay Once Use Infinite” and “Acquire Customers, Not Clicks”. Some of the other important points he discussed about are URL targeting, keyword targeting, content targeting, geographic targeting, brand awareness and mobile advertising. The last but certainly not the least, he made people aware of Brainvire services and solutions for Advertising industry, Mobility, Retail & eCommerce and more..

Mr. Chintan Shah says, “In this competitive world, where it is not only important to sustain, but also to top the charts, Brainvire is evolving as an advertising agency. I was feeling proud to stand on the stage sharing thoughts and ideas on monetization in front of the huge assembly of advertisers, publishers, networks and other delegates. Seeing this overwhelming response from the audience, I am sure the success is not far”.

Brainvire is one of the leading companies providing the best services to the Digital Advertising and Media industry. We also offer the best internet marketing services to businesses and help them build brand image to take their business to the next level. We also serve to Retail and eCommerce industry on a very big level.

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