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Brainvire Deploys Mobile Technology Solutions Using AngularJS and PhoneGap

Brainvire's most recent success stories include the successful deployment of mobile technology projects using AngularJS and PhoneGap making them unique and “all device friendly” including Android, iPhone and Windows.
India, 8th April, 2014: Brainvire flaunts it's fervid technological inclination with cutting edge technology implementations and successful deployment of a number of projects in the field of mobile application development using advanced technologies like AngularJS 1.2.16 and PhoneGap 3.2.0. Always being at the forefront of technology innovation, Brainvire has once again delivered projects with the highest standards and prudent use of available and trending technology resources.
Striking examples of the latest projects include Incident Management system and Task Management system amongst many others, that used trending technologies like AngularJS and PhoneGap along with the use of HTML5 and CSS3.
AngularJS was used for it's ability to adapt and extend the capabilities traditional HTML in order to make it more powerful and to better serve dynamic content through two-way data-binding. Brainvire tactfully included this technology to provide clients with dynamic mobile applications with high performance and interactive and responsive UI's suitable for mobile devices. Putting together a great solution with AngularJS helped build light weight applications by separating the presentation logic from the business logic. PhoneGap was used to create a perfect cross platform mobile application with the use of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 instead of building separate native apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phones etc. Delivering apps that can be downloaded and used by any user on any mobile device or operating system was the prime focus.
Packaging one code into native apps for a wide range of devices iPhone, iPad and other Android devices requires skill and advanced technologies.
The use of such generation next technologies enables businesses to use the full potential of technology to make their application compatible with and reach out to the app stores of over a million mobile devices.
Enthusiastic about the grand success of these complex technology projects, the CEO of Brainvire said, “In this era of technological mix and match between mobile devices, mobile apps and other technologies that serve today's 'smart' gadgets, only futuristic solutions will sustain and stand the test of time. Brainvire had the right resources and ardent developers to lead these projects to success. With such a trail blazing spirit, we shall continue to deliver quality solutions in future too!”
Technology changes are always “just around the corner”, staying at the forefront of such changes and furthermore, implementing them to bring about significant changes in the way businesses traditionally work is what drives revolution. Successful implementations of innovative technology projects from leading IT solutions companies like Brainvire, is what drives changes in the way things work.
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