Brainvire Wins a Contract in Europe – Performs B2B Marketplace Integration with Mobile Digital Wallet

Brainvire Infotech, the prominent web, mobile and ecommerce solutions provider has a successful track record of developing mobile apps, ecommerce websites, and Magento extensions for the customized requirements of the organizations.

The company has vast experience into B2B marketplace development and helps companies to integrate dynamic marketplace extensions to synchronize processes of their online Magento stores with the top marketplaces in the world.

CherriPick – A B2B Marketplace that makes Shopping of Manufacturer-Direct Goods Easy and Social

CherriPick.com is an online marketplace that allows consumers or professionals to shop products directly from the manufacturers. Here the manufacturers can place their products for sale while the professionals or end consumers can buy them at just the right price without any extra costs levied on them. The B2B marketplace implements multi-level marketing techniques and offers referral bonuses to its members for sharing or referring their products.

1mycom – A Payment Processing System Connecting Businesses & Consumers Worldwide

1mycom is a Spanish company offering global and easy payment processing system to connect people and businesses across the globe. The platform allows consumers, professionals, groups or stores across the globe to register free as members, browse and search for things and enjoy exclusive discounts for purchases from the community as they pay through digital wallet. The members can earn money by inviting others to the community and can get some percentage of discount from community when they make a purchase from an associated business.

CherriPick Platform merger with 1mycom – Brainvire Plays a Key Role

As CherriPick and 1mycom plan for platform unification, Brainvire played a key role in execution of the merging process. The technically sound Brainvire team leveraged its expertise to integrate the capabilities of a B2B online marketplace with the most trending mobile digital wallet technology.

The company has been primarily involved in the development of the B2B marketplace for CherriPick which involves the integration of two major technologies for modern web development – Symfony and Magento.

Mobile application was the major priority for CherriPick as it planned to make the picture BIGGER for their business. In order to get better brand reach and improved business returns, they approached Brainvire for mobile app development. With the help of high-end mobile technologies, the company helped CherriPick get the best app built according to their needs in the least possible time.

The company got the best results in implementing the cashback commissioned MLM structure for CherriPick while adding up the power of modern digital wallet technology to it. The desire of CherriPick to offer improved shopping experiences and added convenience to their consumers or shoppers through an easy digital payment method finally came true with the efforts of Brainvire.

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Talking about the merger, CEO of Brainvire, Mr.Chintan Shah said, “European market presents a wide scope for IT enterprises. We are glad to have entered in Europe in a BIG way. Our contract with CherriPick and 1mycom is the first milestone crossed in our journey through European market as we try to help out enterprises across the globe to leverage the high-end IT solutions for maximum profits.”

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a prominent IT solutions company leveraging its expertise to help out firms with end-to-end software development, mobile and web application development, e-commerce development, technical support, enterprise mobility, testing, and data and analytic consulting solutions. Our innovative ideas have helped enterprises to leverage high-end IT solutions for their business growth and constant development.

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