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Brainvire Helps Canada-based Condominium Rental Giant Restructure its Accounting Machinery

Utah, USA 20th July 2018

Utah, USA 20th July 2018

The client, a member of the Tridel Group, is a condominium rental service provider based in Canada. It approached Brainvire so as to automate its accounting process and add some user-friendly features to its functionality.

Before entrusting the project to Brainvire, the client utilized Quickbook for all its accounting purposes, that involved a lot of manual intervention. Brainvire team analyzed the technicalities of the matter with complete automation in mind, and the outcome was a full-fledged Odoo ERP integration. So, all the accounting aspects got covered under one roof and this streamlined the client's financial transactions.

The CEO of Brainvire, Mr Chintan Shah, reveals that, "Brainvire has recently ventured into Odoo ERP solutions. Accepting new challenges with a competitive spirit and overcoming them is a way of life for my team. Odoo is a wonderful platform to work with, and this is just the beginning! I am sure that we will gain a strong hold over this domain in the years to come."

Bidding goodbye to manual accounting!

Accounting is a tedious process. Brainvire's team of Odoo developers worked tirelessly to integrate large chunks of financial data and link it with Odoo ERP platform. The efforts bore fruit when the client got unmatched flexibility in terms of automated financial functionalities.

    • The previous accounting platform used by the client did not offer a centralized accounting system. On completion of this project, 'Multi Company' option was available, which enabled the client to seamlessly manage all financial affairs under the same roof.
    • Automation helped to increase technical accuracy, which is a must in finance-related matters!
    • Realtime synchronization of data is now possible, thanks to Odoo ERP. There is no lagging time between data input and result output.
    • The payment gateway was revamped and the tenants now have multiple payment options to choose from.
    • Client can have good insight into user behavior, volume of traffic, etc. due to advanced analytics.

About Brainvire

Brainvire has emerged as the leader in various domains of IT industry, after 17+ years of its existence. With its prime focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, it has carved out a niche for its products. Brainvire offers its clients new-age technological solutions like Odoo ERP development, Magento development, DevOps, and much more!

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