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The concept of extended warranties on gadgets and appliances aren't much into Vogue these days. The lengthy warranties make no sense in this fast-paced life. We're always into a heavy rush due to some reason or the other because of which sometimes, we end up letting our phone slip from our hand which may damage its screen, or the same could happen to laptop. You could possibly face an electrical damage on your appliance which you bought hardly a month ago. In such cases, shorter warranties come handy. These warranties, are in fact, thriving in the electronics market.

To ease the job of making the customers fairly acquainted with the available warranty plans on electronic devices and appliances, Brainvire has developed a brilliant warranty plan provider application to the United States' one of the leading electronics' warranties provider,

Utah, USA 13 thApril2018

A few months back, the leading electronics device & appliance warranty supplier of the USA knocked Brainvire's door to seek a mobile presence showcasing the various plans on a diverse range of electronic devices such as smartphones, television, tablets, laptops/desktops and even home appliances. The mobile application developed by Brainvire is a full-fledged cross-platform application equipped with all the robust ecommerce features pertaining to different warranty plans.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the executive leadership behind Brainvire shares his viewpoint, "A cutting-edge warranty plan mobile application will completely change the customer perspective to look at warranty provision. Having a strong hold on cross-platform application development, Brainvire seamlessly developed and uploaded the application to the app stores."

An Easy to Navigate Mobile App Is Alluring Customers Quite Noticeably

Brainvire is known for the UX based design that grabs the user attention immediately. The mobile application is a highly advanced cross-platform app that lets the user navigate through the app with lots of ease. The application provides the electronic device and appliance information in various categories that user can easily find out. The extensive search mechanism made the product exploration so easy that every information is available on the go and customer would delightedly opt out for more search.
Different Warranty Plans as Per Customers' Various Requirements

A comprehensive mobile application is armed with a variety of warranty plans that enables the user to choose as per the business or an individual requirement. The minute details pertaining to each and every warranty plan is accommodated in the diversified warranty plans portfolio. The USP of this application is the comparison chart of different warranty plans. The application is furnished with the imperative warranty comparison that enables the customer to take a right decision. Various graphical and statistical representation of different warranty plans has made the selection process quite easy.

The warranty provision is backed with the successful payment gateway integration that drives the warranty purchase quite smoother. The two-way purchase plan with register and purchase is plugged into the application with all the necessary measure kept in the mind. For example, scanning of credit and debit card feature is developed for the efficient payment processing. Moreover, every transaction history gets stored with in-depth details so that a customer can anytime look into his or her transaction. In addition to that, an end to end renewal module is also developed to ease out the whole purchase process.

Presence on both Android and iOS is leading the warranty application gaining the quite noticeable popularity amongst the customers.

About Brainvire

With the 1600+ successful projects, 500+ happy clients and the presence in 13+ countries, Brainvire is a leading IT solution provider company across the globe. Brainvire holds the diversified projects in the various IT development areas such as mobile application development, web application development, ecommerce development, cloud services, Magento 2 development, Magento 2 Marketplace integration and so on. The B2B research company Clutch has awarded Brainvire with many awards this year because of the Brainvire's remarkable contribution in IT arena and impressive reviews from the clientele.

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