Brainvire Inc. Set To Transform the Age-Old Norms of Education Industry with the Exclusive Right To Sell Mentis

Today Brainvire Inc. announced that they've acquired an exclusive right to maintain, enhance and sell Mentis, a university management software holding headship in the academic industry with integrated digital solutions. This will strengthen Brainvire Inc.'s education expertise by two folds. Brainvire Inc. is a tech behemoth that offers digitally enhanced business solutions that include Mobility, eLearning, eCommerce, compliance solutions, and social networking with an aim to cater diverse industry requirements. With this exclusive right, Brainvire Inc. will have a deep and core expertise in the academic industry through innovative products such as Mentis, an all-inclusive university management tool which was developed at UTA (The University of Texas at Arlington).

Brainvire Inc.'s CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah is quite overwhelmed with this achievement. When asked about his thoughts on this opportunity, he said, "As we are committed to offering intellectual solutions, we're overwhelmed with this opportunity. We ensure that our products and services push the boundaries of technology and deliver an unparalleled performance in almost every vertical. We believe, Mentis shall help the educational institutes to think out of the box through a stack of diverse software and interfaces. I am extremely happy that this agreement shall strengthen our educational expertise. Mentis is used by several leading universities in the United States and other parts of the globe. It helps institutions to achieve academic, research, and community service missions, which shall work as an empowering growth and boon for my company and my vision. I am looking forward to setting the bar for more such milestones in upcoming years."

Utah, USA 17th April 2018

The connected and collaborative solutions provided by Mentis in everything from enhanced learning experience to cloud-based management make the company a thought-leading partner in modernizing the education sector across the globe. These innovative products help schools, colleges, universities, and education leaders who seek innovative approaches to transform the education sector. In order to make learning more engaging, interactive, and reflect real-like experience, we have delivered smart solutions and equipped the inside and outside of the classroom with best-in-class software.
Mentis's Distinct Focus on Delivering Solutions That Simplify Research, Learning, and Management

Mentis is positioned at the top as an ally to carry out real university needs. With a comprehensive portfolio of web and integrated solutions, Mentis is being used by world's renowned universities and leading educational institutions. To name a few, The University of Texas at Arlington, Temple University, Clemson University, George Mason University, and Miami University are amongst the well-known users of Mentis to save money and time.

Here are the figures that glorify Mentis's potential in the education sector:

  • The University of Texas at Arlington covers 1000+ faculty, 20,000+ proposals, and 40,000+ students' enrollments every year with the help of Mentis software
  • Temple University tracked 22,000+ students for distance learning via SIS integration and resulted in 50,000+ total students enrollment
  • Clemson University's centralized solution reduced 20% breakdown in the system along with 20% increase in industry contracts due to effective public faculty profiles

Here's the list of products and services that are offered by Mentis, which was developed at UTA (University of Texas at Arlington):

  • Grant Management
  • E-learning compliance
  • Faculty Profiles
  • Community Service Learning
  • Mentor and Track
  • Internal competitions
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Faculty Productivity

Brainvire Inc.'s Breakthrough in Education Industry Offering High-End Education Solutions

With this exclusive right, Brainvire Inc. extends its capability to reach more and more institutions by providing SaaS-based solutions, integrated learning solutions, compliance solutions, custom development, cloud migration and enhancement, student start-up assistance, mobility, analytics & reporting,and so on.

These solutions will help form a foundation of Next-Gen learning atmosphere. This helps prepare students and institutions with the required skills and knowledge to fulfill real-time challenges of this rapidly changing world.

Brainvire will enhance Mentis products in order to meet the current demands along with serving the existing customers.

About Brainvire Inc.:

Cementing the role of 'Global IT Consultant', Brainvire Inc. has received an exclusive right to sell Mentis, a product that leads the education domain with futuristic and personalized integrated solutions. Brainvire Inc., a premier digital transformation services provider is committed to bringing change in diverse sectors with its pioneering products, and insight-driven services regardless of the geography, size, and abilities.

Earlier this year, Brainvire Inc. has been recognized as 'Top Ecommerce Development Company 2018' by Clutch, a Washington DC-based B2B research firm. Also, Brainvire Inc. is awarded by 'Top IT Services 2017', 'Top Ecommerce Developers 2017', and 'Top Mobile App Developers 2017'.

Not only in the education sector but also in different business verticals, Brainvire Inc. is one of the leading IT consultants having 16+ years of industry experience. With extensive know-how and usage of updated tools, Brainvire Inc. is dedicated to making a difference.

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