Brainvire Introduces Jotcall “A Mobile CRM Application” For Android Users

"Brainvire is all set to launch it’s yet another revolutionary mobile app “Jotcall” for Android smart phones and tablet users…! Specifically designed for Android environment, Jotcall will work as an extension to mobile CRM app for users and enable them to access any information on the GO!"

India, 20th January, 2014 – Brainvire, a provider of innovative mobile solutions today announced yet another release of its revolutionary mobile CRM app called “Jotcall” for Android smart phones and tablet users. The Jotcall’s Free version for Android is available immediately and Jotcall’s Personal Pay and Enterprise Versions will be available soon.

With an easy to use interface for touch enabled devices the app automates a slew of actions on the GO and provides users fast access to all their most important data anytime, anywhere! Powered with many functionalities, this cutting-edge mobile app’s Personal Free version will allow the individuals to prioritize interactions, search by keyword to quickly find information, save all contacts, notes and lot more on to the device phone memory. On the other hand, Jotcall’s Personal Pay version brings robust Cloud Server capabilities whereas the Enterprise version brings innovation in the mobile CRM app arena allowing the user to seamlessly integrate the app with other CRM system and software.

Mobile CRM Application

The explosion of smart phones have made them a constant companion for many people. In this modern era, where people talk to so many people regularly it’s really difficult to remember each and every detail. Staying organized is important to stay happy and relaxed, but with all of the things that we do in a day and the busy lifestyles we have, it’s hard to stay organized without a little support. So, how is it possible to stay organized and better manage your data? The expert team of Brainvire brings a great app that simplifies the way to maintain relationships and allows the users to operate effectively and efficiently.

The enterprise version of JotCall can be integrated to your organization CRM. Once the Integration is done the data regarding your leads and contacts can be continuously updated to your CRM system using JotCall Mobile App. The app works as your mobile CRM and can manage and update data for different groups. If you update the data for customer 1 on your device and share it with a group. The updated data will be automatically shared with everyone on the group through your company’s centralized CRM system. It’s simple, it’s powerful and very handy.

Brainvire being one of the leading mobile app development firm has some of the world-class Android mobile app developers in its team. The company has in its kitty the successful creation of out-of-the-box mobile apps for a wide range of platforms but transforming an app idea into reality is their forte!

The Free Version stand out features that the app will support are as follows:

  • Access contacts, jot notes, view conversation history and call logs
  • View, create, edit and delete records in all versions
  • Access information while offline, outside network coverage area
  • Perform powerful searches for required information with ease
  • Call contacts directly from within the app and log calls subsequently
  • Add color labels to categorize the different contacts on your mobile device

“Brainvire has always offered apps in order to help people fulfill their desired goals and objectives. Jotcall is another such effort from the company to take CRM to the next level by helping users to access information on the go!” as stated by the CEO of Brainvire.

So, go ahead and check out this app in the mobile app store today!

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