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Brainvire Launches Ad Exchange – A Product that Offers Real Value to the Digital Advertising Industry

“Brainvire proclaims the launch of its Ad Exchange product that has been developed with an aim to overcome the complexities in the conventional digital advertising mechanism and to provide real value to the online ad buyers and sellers through real time bidding and auctioning technology.”

12th February 2016 - Brainvire, one of the rapidly developing IT companies in India is all set to launch the Ad Exchange product which has been developed by it to offer best value to the digital advertising industry. The digital ad buyers and sellers who have to follow a complex process and invest a lot of time and efforts for buying and selling of the digital advertising space through manual process, can now get relaxed as Brainvire’s Ad Exchange platform comes to the rescue.

Finding out the right publisher for the right ad space and deciding for the right networks to place ad inventory for the needs of the buyers and sellers respectively, is as easy as never before with Brainvire’s Ad Exchange that provides real time bidding and online auction mechanism. Ad Exchange greatly simplifies the digital ad space trading process as it facilitates for collection of the ad inventory data from the publishers, ad networks, ad servers, DMPs and other data providers, analyzes the data for relevance according to the set ad space criteria of the advertisers and ensures that only the right publisher is connected to the right advertiser.

Brainvire’s Ad Exchange acts like a single point of contact between the advertisers and publishers and facilitates for the real time bidding for the ad inventory without any complicated manual agreement processes. It allows the buyers and sellers to value the ad inventory on an impression by impression basis in real time. The advertisers are benefited with it as they get greater transparency and better control over their ads placement and on the other hand, the publishers get to earn more revenue from their ad space.

According to Mr. Chintan Shah, The CEO of Brainvire, ad exchange is an enterprise level product designed to meet the needs of digital advertising industry. He says “Today digital advertising has gained a new shape with real time bidding and online auction technology. Ad exchange works with these mechanisms and facilitates the ad buyers and sellers so that they can come together virtually through a reliable platform that allows for time saving and effortless trading of the digital advertising space.”

Brainvire has done an excellent job to develop Ad Exchange, the best answer to the problems raising out with the ad server or ad network technologies as the digital advertising data and needs increase. We are leading IT company that offers quality services for web design and development, ecommerce development services, mobile application development, software and database development and much more to satisfy the needs of various industrial sectors.

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