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Brainvire Launches DotNetNuke Store For Modules, Skins And Extensions

“A leader in providing custom DotNetNuke development solutions, Brainvire proudly announces the launch of a new DotNetNuke store featuring extensions, modules and skins that are currently available for download for users globally …”!

18th June, 2014Brainvire one of the global Technology House and DotNetNuke Development company today announced the launch of its new DotNetNuke store featuring modules, extensions and skins enabling enterprises to create immersive online experience and to meet the needs of Brainvire’s growing customer base. The new DotNetNuke store features comprehensive information and provides improved navigation search to users for downloading the desired extensions with ease.

DotNetNuke is world’s largest open-source web application framework utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET that provides a suite of solutions and make designing, building and managing feature-rich sites and applications fast and easy. DotNetNuke powers hundreds of thousands of websites around the world and utilizes Evoq Content that has paved the way for businesses to manage critical information on the websites, intranet and extranet.

Being an DotNetNuke Certified Partner, Brainvire is an established leader in the field of web development and has more than a decade of experience working with the DotNetNuke Framework. The company has successfully developed numerous robust custom DNN web solutions, exclusive design skins and functional DNN modules that can be integrated directly in any of the DNN based websites or web applications. Brainvire has the expertise, experience and knowledge to expertly execute the desired DotNetNuke services and solutions.

Dealing in the best of industry practices and cutting-edge DotNetNuke technology implementations, the team of DotNetNuke developers at the company is adept in delivering bespoke solutions built on DNN Community, Professional and Enterprise editions. The company has gained long term expertise in working over DNN and all other Microsoft technologies and now is trying to contribute to the DNN community by launching its own DNN store where customers from any geographical location can choose their DNN extensions as per their business needs.

“With DNN store we are giving our clients what they want – a single destination for extensions, modules and skins. Our store is an extension of our DNN services and our commitment to ensure that our customers and visitors have a positive experience every time they visit our store. In addition, our goal is to provide credible DNN solutions, services and information for anyone searching for information on the products and services we offer…!" stated Chintan Shah, CEO at Brainvire.

With Brainvire’s DotNetNuke store, the customers can easily download the extensions to take the full advantage and experience the satisfaction benefit for themselves. The modules are compatible with all the versions of DotNetNuke and support DNN Community, Professional and Enterprise editions.

The modules are available for download. We welcome you all to download the free version of DotNetNuke extensions or choose the DNN extensions that suites your business needs by paying a very minimal amount.

Take a glimpse of Brainvire’s DotNetNuke extensions at DNNextension website and for more information visit them at now!

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