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Brainvire Launches Three New Magento Extensions For The Augmentation Of eCommerce Business

Brainvire comes up with three amazing Magento extensions to enhance the shopping experience of users, thus increasing the opportunities for business owners.

Brainvire, a leading IT solutions company and a Magento certified developer announced the release of three extensions: Solr Search Extension, Advanced Product Options Extension and Advanced Reports Extension to enhance the site performance and user experience, ultimately resulting into bettering the eCommerce store.

Solr Search Extension lets the users search for the products easily and quickly. They can filter not just for one attribute, but for multiple attributes. For example: you can search for the red and black shoes together. The most important of all, is that; it does not give just quick results, but also gives relevant results. In addition to that, it gives you product suggestions as you type.

Advanced Product Options Extension is an extension through which one make his website even more user friendly by letting him apply more than one custom options to more than one products at the same time making the use of template. In short, it enhances the shopping experience, as it is cable of creating custom options for multiple products.  The extension is easy to install, easy to understand as well as easy to use.  This light weight extension is 100 percent open source and is in line with the Magento standard workflow.

“Out of so many things we do, so many products that we sell and so many services that we provide, it is more than amazing the ecomextension works. The highly skilled and qualified team of expert Magento developers builds Magento extensions back to back to make never ending contribution to eCommerce industry. “, says Chintan Shah, CEO at Brainvire.

It has been too impressive; the way experts working in Brainvire releasing an extension after an extension to contribute to the Magento industry and helps the businesses achieving great success!

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