Brainvire Participates in the Biggest Retail Show NRF Yet Again !

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.- Steve Jobs
This year again, the stage was all set for the world's largest Retail Trade Association- the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2019! This grand EXPO is not just a conference but a community comprising the largest global audience and exhibitors. It is not just a show but a platform for sharing new ideas, creating relationships and forging new partnerships. This magnificent event assures to give a sneak peek of the revolutionized retail industry age. The members can be global retail clients such as departmental stores, chain restaurants, grocery stores, independent retailers, etc.

Why does this opportunity mean much to Brainvire? It's a once in a year collaborative opportunity for discussing the technological trends in the retail market with nearly 40K retail leaders. This event incorporates within it the future of the retail industry which seems impactful. Due to its customer-centric approach and expertise in retail, Brainvire has been successfully proving its mettle in the retail market by offering cutting-edge solutions. Emerging as a leader in retail industry, Brainvire has always delivered innovative and ingenious business solutions and comprehensive portfolio offering. Recently, we launched our flagship CRM and ERP solutions called Control ERP and Auro CRM respectively. Both have immense potential required to lead the path in complete transformation of the retail sector.

Looking forward to growing the networking with the best from the world-known platform, Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO and founder of Brainvire Infotech, said, "Currently digital transformation and omnichannel retail solution is the most trending thing in the retail industry and we have flourishingly mastered it. We are emerging as a leader in retail industry by utilizing its applications in different industry verticals. NRF has always been a place for us to showcase our capabilities and innovation that we contribute in retail segment."

The Reasons Behind the Pleasing Journey

  • Optimizing e-commerce businesses with scalable ERP solutions
  • Manage business relationships and organize the data with our CRM solutions for e-commerce.
  • We offer an omnichannel solution for better customer experience
  • Expert solutions integrated with ace technologies such as AI and Machine Learning
  • Exclusive digital marketing techniques for brand building.
  • Interactive and high-end e-commerce and e-commerce solutions.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a leading IT company with over 18 years of experience in development in the industry. Possessing a highly qualified team of professionals equipped with an intense knowledge and smart insights of retail development, it addresses the retail industry's key problem areas in an exceptional manner. We have been offering innovative and inventive solutions such as Mobile Commerce, Magento Development, Full Stack development, PPC Management, Digital Marketing, and much more.

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