Brainvire Partners With Foremost Jewelry Retailers To Drive Digital Transformation

Brainvire expands its digital footprint by partnering with the diamond and jewelry tycoons. The company has offered the web and mobile applications to the businesses that helped them get an edge in the market.

25th October, Utah, USA.

Brainvire is a global leader in the mobile, web, enterprise and Ecommerce application development where innovative solutions are offered to the diverse industries. The company has become the technology partner of various diamond and jewelry moguls to let them create the digital footprint with mobile and web app development.

Recently, the company won three new B2B and B2C diamond and jewelry clients that are providing the services across the globe. The proficient team’s rich expertise and experience of working with B2B and B2C retail jewelry businesses have helped the diamond and jewelry magnates to illustrate their work that spread from the diamond mining to the retail of precious gems and authentic jewels.

A quick look at how the diamond and jewelry top honchos are helped.

Our first client…

The B2C and B2B mobile app, and web app were designed and developed for a jewelry retailer whose company is located in Hong Kong alongside providing the global services in five different continents.

The app developed using Angular.JS and Node.JS has two different interfaces for B2B and B2C customers where the customers can easily bid and buy the products. The application has enabled the real-time processing of the orders and speed up the communication.

Besides, the solution helps the client to easily manage the inventory, sales, supplier, marketing campaigns, the inward-outward process of the diamond, customers’ data, exhibition information and the currency fluctuation. Also, push notifications are sent to the customers at different times depending on the activity.

The second project…

With online presence and offline trading of the diamonds, taking the business to a next level is a hard nut to crack.

For the world’s leader in solitaires, a B2B mobile application was developed to let the world know about the brilliance in every type of the diamond they polish and sell to the users in the palm of the hands. The mobile app displays the details, tech specs and provides the 360° view of the diamonds to the customers. The links to the diamond certification are the biggest proof of the diamond’s authenticity.

The app allows the users to place a bid and then buy the type of diamond they want. The intelligent search helps the users to seek the diamond based on the shape, size, color, hue, cut, polish and pretty more. Additionally, the users can make the comparison between any two diamonds’ characteristics. Also, knowing and booking for the next exhibition in advance becomes a breeze with a mobile app.

The third is simply amazing…

For a world-renowned diamond studded jewelry retailer, a web CMS app and a mobile application were engineered. The responsive web application with cross-browser compatibility showcase the finest diamond jewelry collection to the people worldwide and inform the customers about the upcoming exhibition.

Leveraging the mobile app, the process of displaying the expensive jewelry and explaining in detail by the sales staff who are working in the diamond jewelry retail showrooms is completely revolutionized. Using the mobile app, the sales person can easily showcase the diamond jewelry image and details to the customers who are stepping into the store. With filters, the diamond jewelry within the specific price range, category and location can be showcased.

With Salesforce and SAP integration, the interaction detail with customers and customer’s data is captured that can be further leveraged for marketing or customer retention.

The benefits gained.

The digital presence with enterprise mobility solution and web portal has helped the diamond and jewelry businesses to showcase their brilliance, passion, innovation and quality with which the diamond and jewelry is created and marketed.

The web presence has helped the offline retailers to gain a competitive edge in the market. The intuitive and user-friendly UI of the mobile app have helped the jewelry retailers to step-in with the modern trends. Certainly, the diamond and jewelry trading between the retailers and customers becomes plain-sailing.

See what the leading personalities say.

“The technology is creating ripples in the market and has added a new dimension to the industries when they are intelligently adopted. The diamond and jewelry industry is also making great strides with technology solution adoption,” said Brainvire CEO, Chintan Shah. “The leading diamond and jewelry businesses around the globe are embracing the cutting-edge mobile and web applications to advance and sync the success with modern customers.”

The digital solution has helped the diamond and jewelry businesses to make the progress and showcase how innovatively they curate and create the antique, aesthetic and unique designs for the customers.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is the innovative mobile and web app Development Company that delivers the solution with the customer-oriented approach and deploying excellent strategy. The company believes in creating amazing experiences for the customers of its customers with breakthrough IT solutions leveraging latest technology expertise and industry-best knowledge. The pool of 550+ resources has developed 1500+ web applications and 150+ mobile applications for various industry verticals in a shorter span of 13 years.

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