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Brainvire Successfully Launches New Mobile Applications for KGK Group

1 March 2018 Utah, USA

Combining a touch of innovation and expertise, Brainvire has successfully achieved completion of B2B, B2C apps, ERP system, and mobile applications for KGK, world's leading jewelry retailer.

The KGK Group is world's one of the top businesses dealing with the manufacturer of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry with a global presence across the 19 countries.

Delivering state-of-the-art solutions, Brainvire is known as a leading digital transformation company having a global clientele. Covering the multiple business verticals with innovative development approach, Brainvire today announced the successful completion of B2B, B2C, ERP, and mobile apps.

On this proud moment, Brainvire's CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah shared his views,

"KGK organization needs no introduction. It is a premier manufacturer and seller of the diamond and jewelry that deals with sourcing, refining, polishing, and designing a range of gems and diamonds. We are proud partners and we've delivered what they need. We've identified the actual needs of a modern business and given what they want. For any larger enterprise, B2B, B2C, and ERP already become a necessity. We wish a tremendous growth for them!"

Brainvire Overcome Challenges of Modern Business: ERP, B2B, B2C, and Customer Apps to Lead the Growth Using Modern Technologies

As KGK group deals with many things across the entire business organization, Brainvire has asked to develop B2B, B2C portal, mobile apps, and ERP for conducting efficient backend operation.

The B2B, B2C, and ERP System were designed and developed to be accessed on a multitude of devices and across multiple platforms by the sales staff and customers (B2B and B2B2C). The web app is designed to handle many automated transactions such as stock management, order approval process, sales management, supplier management, and customers' data management.

The mobile app was developed for both Android and iOS platform where customers can place the orders. Brainvire used advanced and innovative technologies such as MongoDB, MySQL, Express JS, Angular JS, Node.JS, and Ionic framework to meet the modern needs.

Covering entire aspects of advanced and enterprise-based business, Brainvire achieved milestone creating the fully-fledged and high-end business automation for KGK, a leading jewelry retailer across the world.

About Brainvire

Having 15+ years of experience and expertise in delivering best-in-class software solutions, Brainvire provides futuristic solutions using latest technologies and tools. Brainvire is a leading web and mobile app development company having optimum resources to suffice any business development needs.

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