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Brainvire presents Zig Zag Word – An Interesting Puzzle Game for iPhone & iPad Users

Brainvire is back again with a boom. This time it’s a simple yet thoroughly interesting word puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad users.

26 October 2015 - Brainvire, The CMMI Level3 IT Solutions Company has successfully launched yet another iPhone and iPad gaming app called “Zig Zag Word”. This is a word puzzle game that allows the users to swipe across a direction to create words from a jumbled puzzle, the words which can identify the picture on the screen.

The gaming applications are usually the favorite means of pass time for all whether they are kids, teenagers or adults. Almost everyone likes game apps and so do they have them on their mobile devices. It has been found that users are usually more interested in games that present a challenge to them like the puzzle games. And yes, when its puzzle about their favorite characters to guess, it would be a quite interesting and challenging task for the users. This is what Zig Zag Word for iOS is all about.

Zig Zag Battle of Words presents a scenario where a picture is revealed to the player as he/she starts playing the game. The player has to guess it and form its name with a finger swipe in the alphabetical keyboard displayed below. The letters swiped appear in a rectangular blackboard just above the keyboard. On every correct guess, the player is rewarded with coins. There are help options like reveal a letter of the character name or to clear a letter from the keyboard and puzzle resolve option in case the player is unable to identify the character. One can play and even share Zig Zag with friends on facebook and twitter for which again extra coins are awarded to the player. One of the best features of this game is that it is completely free, users can register for free and play this game. It can be played on iPhone, iPad or an iPod device supporting iOS 7.1 or later version.

“Our motive was to design a game that can present an interesting gaming platform for all age groups, so that children, teenagers as well as adults, all can have fun playing it on their best owned iOS device. With an easy to use interface, possibility to play from different iOS supported devices and share it with friends and relatives, Zig Zag is definitely a good iOS game to go for”, says Mr.Chintan Shah, The CEO at Brainvire Infotech.

Brainvire Infotech is a complete software solutions firm which apart from other web development services, specializes in mobile game development services as well. With a team of qualified and skilled mobile game developers, the company provides services for developing games of almost all genres. Brainvire has been developing mobile games that can best appeal to the users of different age groups and hence, is looking forward to do the same in the years to come.

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