Brainvire Proclaims eCommerce Marketplace Contract From One Of The Largest Merchandise Selling Companies To Deliver M-commerce Marketplace

 “Brainvire won the contract from one of the largest merchandise selling companies to deliver the eCommerce marketplace that provides platform to vendors to sell their items to the maximum customers

16 March, 2015 – Brainvire, one of the best Information Technology consultation and software development companies proclaimed the contract for the online marketplace to provide great opportunities to vendors and great deals to the customers. 

After witnessing the remarkable success of Brainvire, the owner of this merchandise selling company has set its eyes on Brainvire. He wants us to develop a marketplace online so that several vendors can sell their products on single platform. The client has been into this industry since more than 36 years and puts in a lot of efforts to deliver high level customer service.

The field of mCommerce is blooming these days, as most people on this planet tend to buy things online from their mobile devices; be it smart phones or tablets. One step ahead than a normal mCommerce store is the vast marketplace, where the vendors from across the world can sell their products together, thus benefiting the customers, vendors as well as the owner of the marketplace.

Our project includes developing a mobile website and web application using Magento Enterprise 1.4 for an eCommerce marketplace so that multiple vendors can sell their products online. It is a vendor-admin-customer based project which benefits all the three – admin, vendor and customers. The vendors get to sell their products and earn the profit, customers get to purchase from the vendor that sells at the least price and the admin gets the commission.  If the same product is sold by multiple vendors, the one that sells at the least price (including shipping charges) gets displayed at the top. The end users can click on ‘view other vendors’ if they want to have a look at the same product from other vendors. The customers can not only view products, but also provide the feedback in the form of reviews and ratings based on the vendor.

The admin allows vendors to create their profile and upload simple and configurable products. They can not only upload products, but also set quantity, shipping methods as well as shipping rates. They have got a separate login panel with dashboard which shows numerical analysis. In addition to that, they can reply to the reviews of customers. Apart from all these, the vendors can view the reports based on products and customers.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO at Brainvire says, “With the advancement in technology, the tech savvy minds always keep thinking about something new and so do we. We, at Brainvire have a dedicated team of expert Magento developers who can think of innovative functionalities and implement them to impress and satisfy our customers and deliver on time”

Brainvire is the leading Information Technology consultation and software development company extended globally so that people across the world can be benefitted from the experts working in the company. We provide not only eCommerce development services, but also provide other wide range of services and products across the world.

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