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Brainvire Relaunches Pinlogue with Travel API Integration on Latest iOS and Android Platform.

“Brainvire, the market leading mobile app development firm today released its completely refreshed social travel app called “Pinlogue” integrated with travel industry API’s and compatible with the latest iOS7 and Android platforms having interactive interface and engaging features…!”

India, 3rd February, 2014 - Brainvire a leading mobile app development company today announced relaunch of its generation-next social media travel app “Pinlogue” for the iPhone and Android mobile users. The relaunch encompasses integration feature with varied travel portals, creation of infinite number of groups where the users can join groups to help them meet new people who shared a common interest or who wanted to join in a new activity of some sort. The platform is more than a social network and really more than a travel community with this new relaunch that is meant to help people make new friends or meet professionals connects too – all in one place!

The main focus for this launch have been in making the app more travelers friendly. The features like group sharing, group discussion etc make things more interesting for travelers and this can be a good way to promote tourism for the travel industry. While that proved valuable and interesting we kept hearing feedbacks that we received from the first release of Pinlogue that people already had too many friends they never got to see or meet one another. With the relaunch, Brainvire now provides a platform for individuals to interact or get in touch with their friends, families or relatives, create groups, share group updates based on the user interest, kick off the group chat, discussion forum and a lot more.

To access the new features of this amazing social travel mobile app on the latest iOS and Android platforms, the user should upgrade to the latest version on their mobile devices. With the enhanced user interface and design we aim to increase the attractiveness for the outside world eliminating any timidness among the users and placing a great emphasis on strengthening relationships.

The other important features of this app includes:

Mapins: No matter where you’re, you can track & locate your friends! Mapins is a feature which allows the user to locate and track online friends, family members or relatives on the MAP, post the latest updates, new status and establish a personal or professional connection by searching over millions of online profiles in a single place.

Groupins: Create their own group & share information! The user can create their own group or locate and track online friends, manage groups on the GO.

Hapins: Share your life’s beautiful moments with your loved ones! Let the users create their own online diary and post images, pictures, videos, audios, text, comments and share it with friends, family and other connections.

“With the relaunch of the app, the Brainvire team really wanted to give users a real-time platform to get in touch with their loved ones and Pinlogue is an great example of it to take social media experience to the next level so that the user can gain maximum benefit from it on the GO…!” as stated by the CEO of Brainvire.

So, go ahead and check out this app on the mobile app store today or explore more on


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