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Brainvire Stated to Create an Intelligent IoT-enabled Mobile Parking Application for Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

07th March 2019 Utah, USA

The client offers a highly automated parking solution. But it wanted to provide a unique standard parking service, which will optimize the utilization of parking slots. Thus, it got in touch with Brainvire to create an intuitive native application that will inform the users about the available vacant parking spots so that they can reserve it in advance. The application also allows the user to know about the status of his current slot and its expiry date. Thus, they can decide whether to extend the period or end it.

In order to cater to the needs of the clients optimally, Brainvire will route to implementing the latest technology such as the Internet of Things to deliver fast and effective results. The car will be detected by an underground sensor, which would pass on accurate information to the parking owner and end-user about the availability of space. The owner will maintain central control over the business since everything runs on the cloud-based platform. Parking operators can also increase their revenue.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO, and Founder of Brainvire Infotech Inc. shared his views on this strategic partnership "The density of vehicles on the roads have not only lead to an indefinite increase in pollution level but has also created space crunch where people find it very difficult to park their cars properly. However, Brainvire has come up with an intelligent vehicle parking solution in the form of mobile application which will for sure solve the parking issue." He also added, "Brainvire is happy to work on an innovative and people-centric project, which will benefit the masses."

The parking application is the need of the hour. At a time when the drivers have to spend nearly spend 17 hours on an average per year to find a parking slot, this application is more than necessity. The app will help them find the space well in advance. Secondly, the on-demand mobile parking app will protect the car from getting towed by the police due to illegal parking. A study has shown that the number of towing charges have increased in recent years to almost thrice. The application will also safeguard against vehicle theft as cars get stolen due to improper parking.

The Mobile Parking App will also Offer Some Exciting Features

  • The parked vehicle will get scanned and verified. If the user is registered with the app, the payment will get processed digitally.
  • The users are able to know about the vacant parking slot through the underground embedded sensors, which will update the information to the server.
  • If the user has insufficient balance in his account, he would get a prior notification. This would allow him to either recharge his account or pay offline in cash.
  • The admin would be able to keep a track of the vehicles and users. He would also manage the online transactions using a dedicated backend portal.
  • The mobile application will be enabled with an advanced GPS system allowing the drivers to locate the nearby parking places and choose the optimized route to reach the spot.
  • Users can sign-up for prepaid memberships on a monthly basis for availing the parking amenities. It enables unlimited user access to the parking area for the specified duration.
  • Users can request for car washing facility and schedule the same as per their convenience. The further process can be completed in the offline mode. This will fetch the client a better ROI.

About Brainvire

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