Brainvire Strengthens Its Foothold in Asian Market

Along with the web and mobile development, Brainvire has captured ecommerce sector globally, especially after tasting a roaring success in the American market with the launch on high-end point of sale system for Cafes and restaurants.

Now, it’s time for Asian Market!

As an effort to strengthen its hold in Asian market and replicate the success it achieved in America, Brainvire has sold its high-end Café point of sale system to a prestigious Malaysian client. This will not only lead Brainvire towards a dominant position in the Asian economy, but it’ll also do wonders for the business of the client by helping them boost their sales and ROI.

Utah, USA, July 31, 2017.

After achieving massive success in American markets, Brainvire Inc. is penetrating its footsteps in the Asian market by launching a fully-functional Point of Sale System that streamlines their entire business operation at a centralized place. To offer better services with more flexibility, the Point of Sale System was implemented by one of the biggest Malaysian restaurants and we are extremely proud to find out that they achieved a huge success which continues to strengthen our foothold ahead in the Asian markets.

“Witnessing the increasing technological advancements in almost every industry, Brainvire digitizes traditional restaurant approach by launching an e-commerce POS system with multiple features and modules that streamline various restaurant operations at a centralized place.”- Said Chintan Shah, CEO, Brainvire Inc.

Diving A Little Deeper Into Current Market Scenario

The marketplace for POS system in the restaurant industry is constantly changing. Reasons are simple – incredible increase in demand for the latest technology and innovations noticed in web-based technology since past few years.

Earlier, the impression that servers taking the order of customers on mobile was a far-fetched concept. But, the development of smartphone application has headed restaurants towards the development of mobile and tablet based POS system for the restaurant industry.

Since then, the sky is the limit. Earlier, it started with static POS system which has now moved to mobile devices and now POS system can be installed in restaurant smartphone and tablet devices.

Brainvire's Cafe POS is a perfect e-commerce solution for various restaurant channels that facilitate them in managing various restaurant and marketing operations in an easy manner.

Highlighting The Features of Brainvire’s All-In-One Cafe POS System

1.  Restaurant Management

In order to handle and manage various restaurant operations, our solution focuses to provide features like: table management, product management and price management that manages particular table’s customer order and update restaurant products and price in a simplified manner.

2.  Integration with Existing System

Now manage all your restaurant affairs from a single place by integrating Cafe POS with your existing system.

3.  Customer Marketing Integration

To improve customer experiences, the Café POS system offers various discounts and offers to loyal customer groups that indirectly boost sales and ensure a better return on investment.

Why Brainvire’s Café POS Solution?

Our Cafe POS Solution simplifies restaurant operations through the digital solution that helps business to increase productivity eventually leading to better ROI and sales for your business.

About Brainvire:

Brainvire is a leading software development company that leverages customized the web and mobile solutions to 500+ clients’ in various parts of the world. The company shares its international presence in countries like USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.

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