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Brainvire Successfully Completes the Best Social Networking Portal Project

“One of our best projects, the social networking website comes to an end, and client launches the website happily”

6 April, 2016 - Brainvire, one of the top IT companies offering the world class web and mobile development services completed a social media project successfully and the best thing about it is happy and content client.

Today, in this modern era, social media has replaced newspapers and news channels on television. The first thing people do in morning as soon as they wake up is take their smartphone and open their social media website. They get to know what is going on out there across the world through social networking websites. They keep in touch and communicate with friends through social media. They keep browsing throughout the day and stay updated. This is how social media has become one of the basic necessities of people today and none of us can imagine our lives without it. So, our client wanted us to develop a social networking website with most of the features like other social networking websites in addition to some unique features, which will make his website stand out from the rest.

With years of experience of using social networking websites and being into the same field, client had observed one difficulty that people face on social media. It becomes extremely difficult, or almost next to impossible for people to search for the post that was uploaded, shared or liked years ago. He wanted to bring solution to that problem, so he approached Brainvire with the expectations of getting a social networking website developed as per his exact requirements.

Some of the features that he wanted in the social media portal were systematic brag board, brag ancestors, month and year wise post searching, hash tags and asterisk tags, company creation, group creation, send message to offline friend, chat, recommendation, testimonials, internal sharing post, classified and job portal, to name a few.

One of the coolest features is the Bragline (timeline) feature, wherein users can search their past post date, month and year wise in just three clicks, making it extremely easy and quick for users to find the post uploaded or shared even years ago. Another cool feature is ‘My Likes’. There are times that we like some posts shared by friends’ friends. Finding those posts is a task in itself and client wanted us to solve it by incorporating ‘My Likes’ feature that has got all the posts that we like on social media website.

Brainvire team consists of highly qualified and experienced developers and they successfully incorporated all the features as per the needs and requirements of client using the best technologies like PHP and its latest frameworks. We delivered the project to client is extremely happy and satisfied with it. He also sent us the video testimonial for our hard work, great services and on-time delivery. He appreciates the hard work as well as after-development support because of which he recommends Brainvire to all the people who are looking out for IT solutions. Client has also promoted the launch on the best platforms online like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, InUSANews, Ooyuz and Regator.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO at Brainvire says, “I believe that we should never stop learning, so I preach to my team the same and advise them to stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies and stay up to date with happenings all across the world. As we know social media is one of the fastest modes of communications and news medium today. We spent most of our time on social media these days and I am extremely glad to win and successfully complete a feature-rich social media portal development project. We would love to work on such challenging projects and make our clients happy with the outstanding results”

Brainvire, one of the best IT companies offers not only the world-class website development services, but also offers the best mobile application development services in various business verticals. We build products and offer services to IT as well as non IT companies, making the most of IT.

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