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Brainvire Takes a Bold Stride in Travel Industry – Successfully Launches Travel Journal App!

18th June 2018 Utah, USA

Having a legacy of experience in Android and iOS, Brainvire has crafted a unique concept called travel journal app 'Capchura' for the USA's popular TV personality. The app is all about an amalgamation of enhanced technology and real-time travel experiences.

With a presence on Android and iOS both, the app provides a platform to the travelers to capture the travel experiences in the more memorable way and especially without putting much of efforts. This AI-based app automatically records the travel journey and doesn't bother a user to provide inputs for the journal.

Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO & Executive Leadership behind Brainvire, shares his views, "We believe in adapting modern technology and blending the same with real-time events. As per current tech trend and keeping in mind a future scope, Brainvire team has implemented high AI concepts and crafted an exclusive application that will be with users as an everlasting travel memory diary in the digital and interactive form."

An AI Integrated Travel Journal Is Rapidly Making a Place in Traveler's List
Brainvire team has developed an exclusive travel journal application helps the users to jot down each and every milestone or places that happened during a journey. With the help of this application, the users can maintain a track of a journey, share it with friends, and treasure all the memories. The end users of this app can view trip stories of other users in their news feeds, and can also comment & share publicly uploaded stories. Users can also create their trip journal based on their past travel events.

Here are some enhancing features of the Brainvire-developed Capchura that have provided unique ways to store real-time travel experiences,

  • An accurate tracking module which gives users pushes notifications on basis of the real-time capture of location.
  • Notification to the user for nearby friends who are at same location.
  • Mapping of two user's journeys to identified common travel interest.
  • Friend's suggestions for the location, friend's location details, image suggestion etc. are completely automated through AI integration.
  • Retrieval of past and current excursion events from their varied social media platform and blending in a travel journal.

About Brainvire

Brainvire walks with the modern world. With our proficiency, Brainvire has developed robust cost-effective mobile solutions in Android, iOS, Hybrid Apps and many more in the diverse industry sectors such as retail, logistics, advertising, gaming, diamond, education etc. As per market needs and innovative demands, Brainvire makes things work which is hard to implement.

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