Brainvire Takes a Step Ahead to Automatize E-commerce Industry!

“Brainvire adds up a new element in the list of its fortune clients by partnering with Zafco – A leading automotive firm to develop various e-commerce solutions for different segments.”

Brainvire Inc. joined hands with Zafco and made a big achievement in e-commerce industry by developing various solutions for multiple countries. The client is one of the ruling brand and the leading exporter of the automotive tyres, batteries, and lubricants and operates internationally to gratify needs of millions of people in the tyres industry.

With successful completion of the huge e-commerce project, CEO of Brainvire, Chintan Shah voiced out in bold letters –“Zafco noticed an immense potential of growth in tyre industry and being a leading web and mobile app development company, we are glad to associate with the prestigious automotive player to digitize their entire operational channel and to cater them with multiple e-commerce solutions that not only streamlines and swifts their business process but also helps them to boost their business revenue from various segments.”

A Holistic Solution to Digitize Automotive Industry

Witnessing the immense potential of the tyre industry growth in the automotive segment, it was quite challenging for the company to develop various digital solutions keeping in mind multiple country languages and its marketplaces.

To surpass this challenge, Brainvire digitizes entire automotive industry by developing various multi- lingual e-commerce B2B and B2C portals that facilitate Zafco to manage entire business operations as per different marketplace.

An Extended E-Commerce Solution for Automotive Industry!

Zafco deals with physical trading of tyres, batteries, and lubricants where application aids the business to segment various marketplace and meanwhile help them to conduct various e-commerce and marketing activities.

B2B Portal:

Basically, it’s a business portal that deals with selling of tyres to various vehicle and transportation business globally. The main agenda of developing such platform is to hoard people together worldwide to trade for best quality tyres on a single platform. It’s a multi-lingual platform developed on Magento and connected with RFC-SAP for data fetching.


It is a B2C portal that deals with selling of bundle tyre production and various promotional activities. The web portal is extended with features like advance searching, online payment, multiple shipping options and much more. It also facilitates customers to request fitting service if needed. Being powered by Magento and Inventory system backed by SAP, the app is designed for UAE customers.


It deals with collaborative trading of tyres through mobile app and web interface. With webshop, customers can place an order through a web app and a QR code is generated for that particular order number. In order to dispatch the order, the sales representative completes the QR verification process through webshop mobile app and thus the product is delivered.


Mygratiaz is an in the initiative taken by Zafco in form of a loyalty program to express their gratitude towards the most honest and loyal customers that continued to trust Zafco since years. With Mygratiaz, customers are credited some loyalty points using which they can buy products equivalent or lesser points from Mygratiaz’s store.

Webshop for Marketing:

It’s a complete platform for a B2C marketplace where vendors initiate loyalty programs for their valuable customers via point system; allowing customers to buy a particular product equivalent or less than the allotted credit points.

Automotive Industry: Driving Revenue Ahead!

The global market for automotive industry is expected to cross 100 million by 2020. Making inroads in the automotive industry, digitization through e-commerce platforms can help business to make a prominent place in the globe by elevating sales scale at an unexpected level.

About Brainvire

Brainvire encourages out of the box solutions in all sectors across the world. The company holds 13+ experience in development of various the web and mobile solutions with serving 500+ clients overseas.

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