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Brainvire Takes a Step Ahead To Automatize Medical Industry

4th April 2017

Brainvire is developing a hearing aid based application for the top hearing care provider of the United States. The client is the U.S. based hearing aid solution provider company which has chained clinics all over the U.S.A.To provide best value addition services to the patients is the motto of the company.

At the clinic, the patients come with different hearing problems.The patient always wants to know the state of the hearing problem, types of cure available for the problem and the costing related to it. Patients try to check online as well for their problems and cure. Many time patient ends up for something which fits almost but not perfect. So the patients are always in search of the new and customized solutions available for their particular hearing problems.

The solution consists of the different hearing ability tests with Yes / No kind of answers. These tests are questionnaire, different sound based tests and online consultation with doctors. The patient is offered different FAQs, blogs, articles, youtube videos and podcasts through the medium of this website to have the precise knowledge about hearing problems and cure.

The company offers products like hearing devices, custom earpieces, protecting hearing devices etc. The provider also offers the services as such hearing tests and consultation, hearing aid adjustment, repairs etc. at every clinic. The provider helps for the need of finance for the treatment with some options like low interest and budget fit device. The cost and human time involved to explain the same thing to the patients were huge and it was a tiresome job every time. To market the solutions, the provider wanted a successful website which offers all extensive features that cater the patients’ needs. While searching online also, the patient always wants to know the products and services offered by the provider. Thus the provider wanted to be full-fledged accessible to its patients.

The client asked for the website which caters hearing aid problems and its offered solutions with following features:

  • Online hearing test with yes, no kind of answers.
  • Online virtual video consultation with the experts
  • Integration with the YouTube for hearing solution related video channels
  • Podcast integration
  • Incorporation of the related blogs, articles and FAQs.
  • Details of products and services offered by the provider and different communication channels to contact the provider

The Brainvire team, having a strong hold in WordPress, developed a fully functional solution which covers and incorporates all the functionalities asked by the client. The highly reliable and scalable applications mobile responsive which covers e-commerce aspects, too. With the help of strongly optimized gravity forms and social media integration, the website developed is now extensively robust. To ensure security and full usability, own plugins were developed by the Brainvire team. The website is equipped with the team creation functionality for doctors so that the reliability factor is increased.

Brainvire feels very proud and pleased to be associated with the top leading hearing aid provider of the U.S. for such kind of quality work. Brainvire CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah said, The healthcare industry strides confidently amongst the top profitable sectors of the economy. The complete website for a hearing solution would expand the horizons of hearing healthcare industry. Brainvire is proud to be associated with this project. This is an innovative step from our end to automatize the field of medical industry.

About Brainvire

Brainvire, having profound expertise in mobile, web, e-commerce and various technologies, provides complete solution and consultation services for different sectors requirements. High profile knowledgeable developers, quality assurance team and robust SEO team together make the solutions highly maintained and enhanced. All these worthy efforts bring Brainvire in limelight in IT solution world.

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