Brainvire Ready to Demonstrate Excellence by Participating In Agile In Government Summit by NDIA

Brainvire is geared up to appear at Agile in Government Summit hosted by NDIA on 19th -21th April 2017 which will be taking place in Washington, DC, USA. Brainvire will be showcasing their agile software development methodologies utilized for DoD support programs.

Agile Methodologies: Think Beyond Software Development

Agile methodologies are widely used in software development and app development. The agile approach in software development emphasizes an incremental work balance to target the unpredictability that comes with software project management. Agile software development includes concepts like Scrum and Sprints to delegate the various development phases among team members.

Covering ‘Agile – beyond software development’ agenda, this event is identifying the use of agile into non-software areas that accommodate better communication and collaboration between various business units.

NDIA – Agile In Government Summit: Targeting Result-Driven Approach

The conference will focus on the role of Agile beyond just software development; exploring the potential of applying the Agile methodology in areas such as hardware development and business development.

The core agenda includes how DevOps and agile principles can be used in Government and business processes that rationalize IT efforts. Looking at the present rapid picture of agile software development, this event mainly targets to derive result-oriented modules that are faster and better.

Brainvire Takes Collaborative Approach to Streamline IT Efforts in Defense Sector

Brainvire will be attending the Agile Software conference with ATS Associates to explore opportunities within DoD and the private sector utilizing agile software development showcasing past projects. ATS develops software applications utilizing agile software techniques and holds a GSA IT 70 Schedule with SIN 132-51. They are a certified HUB Zone small business and a New York City Minority Business Enterprise.

Brainvire’s defense portfolio covers some major undertakings that carried out the excellent digital transformation. Mr. Chintan Shah, Brainvire’s CEO, shared his views regarding this event and said, “It is not only about transforming the business needs into an online solution, but government and other customers should employ efficient and effective digital transformation processes. Brainvire is leading the way in developing software solutions utilizing agile methodologies.” On the same note, Mr. Arjun Shah, President of ATS said, “We’re taking a collaborative approach to conduct smoother business processes by applying significant agile principles. We’re following a path that leads us to drive results with cost efficiency.”

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About Brainvire:

Brainvire provides software development services to wide variety of industry sectors from healthcare to defense. Serving global clientele with hands-on experience on updated software development principles Brainvire is rated as a top IT consulting and software development firm.

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