Brainvire to Build a Dynamic Web Platform to Bridge the Gap between Technology and Intellect

The client is a NRI start-up with a vision of empowering start-ups from around the globe. With an aim to build an international platform to accomplish its novel mission and create a cohesive environment for start-ups to achieve their goals, it approached Brainvire to owing to its expertise in web application development.

The client has plans to bring together 4 key players of marketplace - start-ups, service providers, investors, visitors - under one common roof. After registering on the platform,

Start-ups - can share their innovative views and secure investment from investors.

Investors - can showcase their portfolio with details of their current investments.

Service providers - can promote the scope of their services so that start-ups could derive benefit from them.

The portal will be built using the open source Symfony framework.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO and founder of Brainvire, shares his thoughts on this occasion, "Brainvire has worked with multiple start-ups in the past and has shaped up many novel ideas into reality. With this project, we aim to connect with an expansive community of budding start-ups and explore new technological avenues in the near future"

Bringing Talent and Opportunity Face-to-face!

The web portal will be a one-of-its-kind platform with varying features that will serve the client's purpose in a fruitful manner.

Listed below are some of the salient features that the end product will boast of:

  • Investors and start-ups can pitch in their offerings or ideas on the platform by means of a pitch video
  • All transactions will be regulated through crypto currency (tokens) that can be purchased via the portal
  • The agreement between the dealing parties will be by means of 'smart' contracts, regulated by a blockchain system
  • Investors can vote for start-ups in a YES/NO format and the output value will be calculated in the form of percentages.
  • An interactive dashboard will be made available for each group of users

About Brainvire

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