Brainvire to Create a High-Performance Cryptocurrency Mining Web Platform Powered by Blockchain

26th June 2018 Utah, USA

A reputed firm based in the USA, which is involved in a business of cryptocurrency trading, has contacted Brainvire for its prestigious cryptocurrency mining web platform project.

The cryptocurrency is not a bandwagon anymore but still, it's talk of the town! 'No regulatory body' is the sheer pain point of this cryptocurrency market! To resolve this issue, cryptocurrency mining was brought into existence by the experts of the cryptocurrency world.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the mind behind Brainvire and a CEO, shares his thoughts, "Blockchain has been in the Brainvire's proficiencies' list from long. Having developed quite a good number of Blockchain driven and cryptocurrency based projects, Brainvire team understands the core complexities of this domain. The cryptocurrency mining web platform is certainly a welcoming concept and Brainvire's competent team will undoubtedly lead it towards a grand success."

Cryptocurrency Mining Web Platform Will Open the Gates of Legal Transaction Validation

Cryptocurrency mining will act as a bridge between traders and verifiers. A need of transaction validation has always a point of discussion between cryptocurrency traders. If any regulatory body validates the transaction, it's like a sense of great relief for both buyer and seller. The client's vision is to provide a platform where interested people can register as miner users, can validate transactions, and earn good revenues without actually setting up high cost and heavy-duty equipment at the office.

Brainvire team will be involved in designing and development of this whole project and will come up with the good scalable architecture that suffices the present as well as future needs. This web platform will be equipped with the following features for Miners:

  • Efficient registration module, profile settings, email notification, and SMS notification modules.
  • Rich Dashboard with general reports, country-specific reports, reports of various cryptocurrencies and more.
  • Crypto balance reports with details like the latest balance, last payout, withdrawal, reinvest etc.
  • A fully functional system where miners can allocate the purchased hash rate between a range of available Pools by adjusting the ratio according to their personal preference.
  • A competent revenue system as per the cryptocurrencies and hash rates.
  • Various sections for the order details, contact details, account statement, withdrawal detail, purchase details, and logs.
  • Online guide and online chat to have instant help on the cryptocurrency mining
  • An end to end wallet creation and wallet management module for a miner.
  • Referral program functionality will allow Miners for inviting other friends and family to join this mining platform.
  • Rich set of dashboard and features for admin to manage the whole mining platform.

With hands-on experience in cryptocurrency based projects, Brainvire will rapidly turn this idea into the full-fledged application.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a premier software development company focusing on the latest technologies and innovative concepts to deliver modern solutions. Covering latest aspects of Blockchain and IoT, Brainvire is marking its footprint in Blockchain App Development.

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