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Brainvire to Develop a CRM-based Automated Email and SMS Campaigning Solution for a Leading US-based Insurance Provider

With its operational hub in the US, the client is a trusted insurance service provider in the US region and running marketing campaigns for the same, however in a manual fashion. It has approached Brainvire for an automated CRM-based campaigning solution to get the required push in its current processes.

Brainvire has proved its mettle in developing CRM-based solutions for its clientele, time and again! This time, the developers have come out with an automated software solution to manage the bulk SMS and email marketing campaigns of the client in a systematic manner. The list of features for this exclusive product also includes automatic generation of reports based on the end customer's responses towards the campaigns.

The CEO and founder of Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah, says, "Gone are the days of sending individual SMSs or emails with manual intervention, for marketing intents. Technology has made bulk sending of promotional content a cakewalk. And it gets all the better when such software is coupled with CRM solutions, that adds a wide array of useful functionalities to engage with the end customer more effectively."

Marketing Automation Can't Get Better Than This!

Unlike any conventional CRM product, this solution will offer the client with a dynamic control over its campaigning strategies, and also reveal valuable customer insights.

Take a sneak peek into this upcoming CRM-cum-marketing product -

  • Selection of any of the means of communication ('SMS' or 'Email' or both) as per the campaigning requirements.
  • Use of 3rd party SMS service provider APIs to be integrated into the product so that end customers can receive text messages through their local mobile carriers.
  • Creation of dynamic templates as per the layout and format styles of SMSs and texts.
  • Scheduling of campaigns as and when required, and prevention of overlapping of multiple campaigns to prevent a deadlock.

About Brainvire:

With 18+ years of IT experience, Brainvire is the trusted IT solution provider across the globe. Brainvire's expertise lies in delivering full-bodied and scalable CRM solutions across diverse industry verticals.

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