Brainvire to Help a Not-for-profit Organization Create a Digital Ecosystem for Uplifting Charity through Entertainment

"We make a LIVING by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we give."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Holding this quote true in today's age, a NGO start-up has ideated a novel vision of combining entertainment and charity. And to accomplish this, it has approached Brainvire to shape up a web and mobile platform to reach out to its intended audience.

On the technical front, the platform will enable users to raise funds for charitable purposes without spending any money. Also, users can earn rewards points for their app activities, various free entertainment bonus points and other social media features. The unique application will be developed on Native Android & iOS mobile OS platforms for the end users, NGOs, brand sponsors and will be web-based for the Admin.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO and founder of Brainvire, is quite excited about this offering, With the dawn of the technological era, NGOs are taking the plunge and embracing the latest, cutting-edge technologies to venture into the digital community and thus establish their brand presence online. Brainvire, as a pioneer of innovative IT solutions, has always strived to lend a helping hand in such philanthropic efforts - VoSAP being the best example - and shape up novel ideas by using its technological know-how

Blending Charity with Entertainment Using Technology!

The client is optimistic about the app being received well by the target users and the sponsors as well.

Listed below are some of the salient features of this web-cum-mobile application -

Free Charity - 100% net-profits raised through advertising will be donated to NGOs of user's choice.

Rewarding Charity - Earn reward coins every time a user swipe ads and deals that can be shared with other users. These coins can be termed as a new virtual currency that can be redeemed for amazing things in the 'Rewards' feature.

NGOs Marketplace - All the registered organisations can put up their products for sale, and can be purchased by the users through reward coins

Fun Charity - Engaging features to let the app user have fun while using the app

Social Networking - Users can fund their favourite NGOs on the go while networking with other like-minded users.

Multi-language Support - The web and mobile app will support 23 native languages

About Brainvire:

Having established a strong foothold in the IT industry, Brainvire has been writing success stories for the past 18+ years and surpassing its clients' expectations every time with innovative solutions. Its expertise lies in domains like Hybrid App Development, CRM, Blockchain technology, Digital Marketing, and many more!

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