Brainvire Unveils New Features for Jotcall “A Mobile CRM App” For Android Users

“Brainvire rolled out additional features to its mobile app Jotcall that will help users to get an intuitive platform with outstanding capabilities on their smart phone…”!

India, 28th February, 2014 –  Brainvire a leading mobile solutions firm, today announced the availability of the newest version of its mobile CRM app ‘Jotcall’ rolling out a host of new features for Android users. Published on Google Play, the app’s new features bring advanced search and edit capabilities, set reminder and an enhanced graphical feature to remove contacts and notes from their hand held devices thus making the information more handy for the user.

These features are available for free to all existing and new users who download the latest version and add significantly to Jotcall’s impressive list of features.

“Each year millions of users get new Android smart phones overloaded with varied apps features and functions that burden the user instead of providing a natural experience”, as stated by the CEO of Brainvire. We created a mobile app that is rich featured and easy-to-use offering a powerful environment to help people access their critical INFORMATION anytime, anywhere!

Jotcall’s new version expands its compelling features including advanced search capabilities, prioritize interactions, search by keyword to quickly find information and an innovative and intelligently designed user interface by offering the following upgrade:
  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE - Based on advanced research and feedback from the users, Jotcall’s UI has been enhanced to have more intuitive and flexible navigation.
  • ACCESS AND EDIT INFORMATION - Always stay up-to-date with your information anywhere, anytime! Jot down important notes, edit notes, and organize notes as per contact basis and save all the information in just a few clicks without worrying about losing or not being able to access the notes.
  • ADD NOTES AND SET REMINDERS - No need to wait to have the contact in your call log anymore! Add notes for contacts while the call is going on or after the call or select the contacts from the phone book to add notes to them. Set reminders to the notes and view all of your upcoming reminders in one place.
  • ADVANCED SEARCH & DELETE CONTACTS AND NOTES OPTION– Easily search or modify key contacts and search relevant notes by entering text in the search bar and take immediate action if needed. Just swipe from the right side of the app and view details like date, text etc. or remove contacts or notes.

In addition to the above, Jotcall also brings robust Cloud Server capabilities and innovation in the mobile CRM app arena allowing the user to seamlessly integrate the app with other CRM system and software to access critical information anywhere, anytime!

To experience these new features and learn more about Jotcall please visit

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