Brainvire’s Vision for Becoming the Global Mobile Dominant Strengthens with MWC17

Considering one pioneer step into the mobile world, Brainvire proudly participated in the world’s most anticipated gathering- Mobile Congress World 2017.

A massive mobile industry event took place to unveil the new horizons in mobile industry, in Barcelona, Spain, organized by GSMA, on 27th February - 2nd March 2017.

The four-day grand event on a high note was established to discuss THE NEXT ELEMENT, MOBILE with unexplored and unmatched scenarios covering all the mobile world aspects. In the presence of big smartphone industry players and innovation drivers of the mobile world technology, passionate people made known their visions with the accelerated mobile-driven world.

With the exhibition of over 2,200 companies’ agenda within a huge area in Barcelona that involved most innovative and prominent companies of the world such as AT&T, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Ford Motor Company, Google, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, LG, NEC, Nokia-Qualcomm, Samsung SK Telecom, Sony, Telefonica, VMware, Vodafone and ZTE. All of these companies participated to showcase their mobile aspects in the near future. Brainvire was among these dominants.

Brainvire’s CEO Mr. Chintan Shah was pleased to attend this momentous event of the year in the mobile industry along with Mr. Bhavesh Surani, who is one of the leading architects of the projects acquiesced by Brainvire. Our precious MyCom clients Mr. Jaime and Mr. Marco joined us at MWC to explore some possibilities within mobile automation sector. Collaboratively, at MWC, we got some insights about partnering with some great ventures that will surely bring the unfolded vision to the front.

The bigger and hottest topics like Wearables, Digital Media, IoT and mobile automation were addressed by the 275 speakers across the world. The event has also hosted 22nd GLOMO Awards 2017 that is counted as one of the highest honors and also the most awaited by the mobile industry. The categories included - Best Mobile Technology, Mobile Services, Best Mobile and Handset Devices, amongst many others.

Holding the potential of Mobile economy and its impact on the society, the event was attended by 101,000 attendees along with the industry leaders and keynote speakers. Brainvire’s CEO was delighted to attend Mobile World Congress 2017 that marks Brainvire’s notable and the next step in the mobile industry.

When it comes to Brainvire’s CEO’s thoughts about this visit, he said, “This global event had impeccable prospects covering up the next mobile future, and I was extremely overwhelmed by the insightful and fruitful keynote addresses offered by the industry leaders across the world. He also stated that we continue to grow with our innovation-driven approach that is followed by the prominent ventures of the mobile world. I have learned that not only from the business aspects around mobile technology but how mobile is remarkably changing our world from the core and its impact on the society. It was an unforgettable experience in the light of mobile revolution and we ensure to deliver our cent percent.” He ended.

Brainvire is one of the preeminent Software Development Companies delivers top-notch digital transformation solutions having happy clientele across the globe. Having Expertise in iOS, Android, windows and cross-platform app development, we leverage the best-in-class and proficient solution for the web and mobile app development.

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