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Brainvire’s Digital Marketing Services Skyrocketed Revenues for The US’ Extended Warranty Supplier

20th June 2018 Utah, USA

Gaining high e-presence in the rapidly changing arena is every business' aim nowadays. Brainvire's digital marketing services have leveraged the taste of success to US's popular warranty provider by widening the span of its businesses through engaging campaigns and creative digital marketing activities.

4 months back, US' popular extended warranty service provider approached Brainvire to help it expand the presence across the globe and to stay ahead in the fierce competition. The client is in the business of extended warranty for various categories like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, home appliances, and other electronic goods. After opting for Brainvire's digital marketing activities, the client is now witnessing a high rise in the presence followed by breakthrough sales.

Brainvire's CEO and also a founder, Mr. Chintan Shah shares his views, "Identifying buyer persona for any business is always the most important element for any digital marketing activity. And crafting strategies that aim correctly at the targeted audience is Brainvire's forte. Because of the hard-hitting efforts of our creative and intelligent digital marketing experts, the client company's revenues are skyrocketing day by day."

377% Improvement in Conversion Rate Requires Clubbing of Varied Digital Marketing Activities

When the competition is roaring high, the race becomes quite interesting and challenging as well. To increase the brand presence and sustain it takes a lot of efforts in digital marketing. To improve the brand visibility across the search engines, Brainvire's digital marketing team is applying Off-Page SEO techniques on various sites. Posting of eye-catchy contents for several categories on various social media platforms is giving a momentum to widen the brand horizons. Increased brand awareness is fetching quite a good number of unique visitors and returning visitors.

Brainvire team keeps on designing and running AdWords shopping campaign that targets the desired audience. To keep the sale upsurged, category wise AdWords campaigns are being crafted. Also, actionable SEO campaigns are helping on a higher scale towards achieving higher organic visibility. The huge spurt in sales is achieved through the rigorous efforts invested in various SEO activities.

The statistics are the reflections of the smart work going in.

  • On average, the sales figures hiked 25.24% than before within 3 months of time span.
  • For the smartphone segment only, 406.21% times sales increase was recorded.

  • The conversion improvement went to 291.33% high.

  • 178.38% direct increase was noted for new users' acquisition.

  • 162.12% rise in returning customers in just 3 months.

  • 27.63% drop in AdWords marketing cost saved huge money.

  • The bounce rate went to significantly low rate i.e. 45.49%.

The results achieved so far is just a small part of upcoming growth. Through creative campaigns and innovative strategies, Brainvire's digital marketing team will do wonders for the client.

About Brainvire

With 17+ years of IT experience, 500+ happy clients, and 1600+ successful overseas projects, Brainvire is the trusted IT solution provider across the globe. Brainvire's expertise lies in delivering full-bodied and scalable eCommerce solutions. Brainvire's digital marketing services is a way ahead to ensure the eCommerce solution meets its desired success. Brainvire's digital marketing expertise includes PPC Management Services, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce SEO Services, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and much more.

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