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Brainvire’s eUnagi Is A Breakthrough That’s Marching Towards Eliminating Profanity

7th November 2017 Utah USA

Brainvire CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah proudly confirms, “Yes, eUnagi has got a huge response from various verticals. Our solution is one of a kind that industries have awaited for a long time. We are glad by the fact that the clientele has noticed a spurt in the revenues after opting eUnagi into their systems. We are incorporating more AI and cognitive intelligence into the solution to make it unbeatable.

eUnagi cuts down the cost, time, and efforts eliminating manual moderation

The key advantage of eUnagi is that it’s TAT (Turn Around Time) is very less. This makes a huge impact on the businesses. Furthermore, eUnagi is completely automated and error-free. Organizations don’t have to keep employees occupied on content moderation. eUnagi takes care of the content moderation and employees can be used where they are the best, i.e. planning strategies. The customers trust companies because of the quality and transparency attached to it. One single objectionable content can ruin the brand image resulting in a downfall in revenues. The eUnagi solution prevents online bullies and predators to post vague and objectionable content against the company.

eUnagi moderates the Audio, Video, and Images to the perfection till high extent

The cognitive Intelligence based eUnagi solution can recognize the offensive images, video, and audio contents, too. Moreover, eUnagi is equipped with a tagging system that tags the images and videos based on the facial expressions, objects, and living things, and removes the objectionable audio, video, or image immediately. The forensics can use the API extensively to find out image forgery, altered videos, audios, and images.

eUnagi offers a myriad of features towards strengthening a brand image
  • AI-driven pre-populated dictionary
  • End-to-end automated, no manual intervention required
  • A robust crawler engine that crawls the entire content thoroughly
  • Less TAT – turnaround time that helps to save huge time and efforts
  • eUnagi moderates all types of content including text, images, audio, and video
  • Performs moderation on every UGC content such as social media posts, blogs, forums, real-time chats, online forms, customer interactions, and more
  • An API that can be seamlessly integrated into the system

eUnagi completely transcends the methods of content moderations. Various industry verticals such as news and entertainment, retail, education, insurance, and manufacturing have incorporated it into their systems and started reaping its huge benefits.

About Brainvire

With 16+ years of IT services experience and 1300+ clientele worldwide, Brainvire is a big name in the IT services industry. Clutch has awarded Brainvire with many accolades because of the cutting edge solutions crafted for the diverse industry sectors across the globe. Brainvire’s clients are the most satisfied clients any IT company can have. The accolades of the clutch is a proof of it. Brainvire has achieved expertise in all kind of solutions such as mobile app development, web applications development, IOT driven applications, CRM, e-commerce applications, marketplace integrations and more.

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