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Brainvire’s eUnagi System Gets a Roaring Success – Makes Digital Content Intelligent & Verified!

Mumbai, India, August 5, 2017.

Brainvire penetrated the niche of machine learning and artificial intelligence and got a huge success by the development of cognitive science product that profanities the digital content; making it more secure and verified. To offer access to a useful, secured and verified digital content, the eUnagi product was implemented in projects like NIE and BOT to check the text, image, and video profanity, and resulted in a huge success which continues to strengthen Brainvire's foothold in AI industry.

With the successful implementation of an AI-driven application, Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire expressed his thoughts “In this techno-driven world, content fuels all the digital business process. In order to meet the rapidly changing requirements of various business and enterprise, a single monolithic solution is not going to work. In order to make content smarter and create contextual engagement with customers, Brainvire launched eUnagi system that helps business to expand the conversion from ”how we control” to “how we create”."

A Quick Glance at eUnagi System:

eUnagi is a complete content profanity verification solution that is developed using a smart business logic backed by progressive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. eUnagi fetches and moderates the content using a pre-defined dictionary and provides appropriate feedback for each rejected content. In order to use this system, customers can either submit their website URL or can access product API to conduct content profanity checking. They can either opt to proceed with manual or automation content verification process based on their requirement and content types like audio, video, image, or text.

A Holistic System to Make Digital Content Smarter and Intelligent!

With increasing digitization in almost every industry, it's quite hard to keep an eye on every user post. Manual moderation of user-generated content involves a huge amount of cost, time, and effort. In order to cut down the cost, time and efforts, Brainvire have developed eUnagi system whose high-profanity control system will moderate various user-generated submissions like image, text, audios, and videos.

With eUnagi API, you can ensure complete protection of your brands from expletive content. Our services include:

1. Profanity identification in Text

2. Profanity Identification in Images

Furthermore, the automatic tagging system automatically detects various objects, living beings, expressions/faces or location uploaded in the content and add tags on it.

eUnagi provides the best support to the future of digital business and its underlying technologies and various services and thereby delivers a better contextual interaction with consumers that drive more business value.

About Brainvire:

Brainvire is one of the best software companies that leverages cutting-edge solution irrespective of industry and realms. The company holds 10+ years of development experience in powering solutions for various industries and has strongly marked its presence in IT industry.

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