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Brainvire’s Innovative Concept Secures Consent Using Blockchain

Brainvire, known for delivering excellence and expertise together, successfully launched a one-of-its-kind app that promotes users to give a consent before they're going for intimacy in a relationship with the use of modern smart contract based on Blockchain.

Customer-first strategy and use of latest technologies helped Brainvire to achieve milestones with a global clientele. Working with the majority of the industry verticals, Brainvire's professional team is capable of finding potential aspects where software solutions can simplify the process. By digitizing the process, one can simply grab the attention of worldwide users and expand the business. With this thought in mind, the client approached Brainvire to develop consent app which is innovative and extremely helpful in this modern era to secure the relations.

In recent time, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been latest buzzwords due to its self-verifying and immutable features. It eliminates the middleman services and it is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are fundamentally resistant to any alteration of data.

The consent app is dealing with smart contract development, which represents the digital contract between both the parties. In a nutshell, the consent (contract) is being stored on Blockchain server using secured and modern SHA-256 bit hashing algorithm. Smart contracts are nothing but the few lines of code which is compiled and released on a Blockchain server as a smart contract.

On this successful launch, Brainvire's CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah said, "Addressing modern needs with the help of reliable, efficient, and scalable software solution can do wonders. And that's how the industry is gaining measurable results in terms of revenue generation and business growth. It is vital to think how your software idea can be paired with modern issues and providing a consistent solution. The team is really doing a great job and we hope for more consistent and top-notch solutions that can make a difference."

Consent Application: Help People to Take Smarter Decisions about Intimacy in Relationship

The primary goal of this application is to provide a secure and reliable way to provide consent before they meet any sexual encounters. Brainvire is asked to develop this modern app which facilitates users with a video recording of consent and store it in the database as well as on the Blockchain server. While respecting the privacy of users, it provides a secure platform with advanced technology which can work as a middleman to execute the contract.

Brainvire's Next-Gen Solution that Helps Users with Security and Privacy in Consent

Brainvire has helped many clienteles to achieve milestones by developing performance-oriented and insight-driven software solutions. Whether it is an app or web, Brainvire's proficient team goes to the core to understand the requirements and come up with the futuristic solution to meet the aim. Consent should never be unclear and with this aim, the client wanted to develop a secure platform that can provide a straightforward way to know if your partner is ready for sexual activities or not.

With the required backend and front-end features, Brainvire developed a mobile app for both Android and iOS platform to grab the attention of users.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is one of the leading software development companies having vast experience in developing state-of-the-art solutions. Delivering excellence in 500+ mobile apps with the help of latest technologies, Brainvire is recognized as one of the top mobile app developers by Clutch, a leading reviewer firm for digital transformation.

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