Product launch

Brainvire’s School Management Portal to Ensure Transparency between Students and Teachers

21st March 2018, Utah USA

Brainvire was approached by a leading influencer in the education field for design and development of high-performance oriented web application to ease out their entire school management workflow.

Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO Brainvire says, "Brainvire holds a strong portfolio working for Education Industry. Nowadays, education bodies require fully integrated a cloud-based system that ensures transparency between students and teachers. Plus, smoother and streamlined workflow that leads towards better school management. As a result, school authorities can focus more on the infrastructure and quality aspects of education."

Brainvire designed the application incorporating all the minute elements of school management system

The portal can take N number of schools under one roof because it's a cloud-based portal. The portal offers various subscription packages from which a school may purchase one depending on student strength and other factors. This 'one of a kind' school management system is faster in terms of the upload& downloads and process execution. The portal developed incorporates all the roles of the system such as administrator, teacher, students and parents.

  • The portal is equipped with dashboard and graphical & tabular reports for all users.
  • Every user right from teacher to student, parent and admin is provided credentials and personal profile.
  • Efficient grade level management, class management, attendance management, assignment management and gradebooks make the teacher's work reduced to half directly.
  • Schedule management, subscription management and all the other modules come under the territory of school admin.
  • Parents and students both can get an access to assignments, grades and even attendance

The internal messaging system makes the portal alive and worthy of all the users,

Brainvire developed an internal messaging system which is accessible to all the members. Now, this is the heart of the system because any student or parent can communicate with the teacher and vice versa. Plus, it's equipped with the file attachment functionality, too. This makes the system so live and time saving because communication happens through a portal only. Another unique thing about this portal is a report functionality. The kind of reports this system provides is rare. Plus, the report representation is in both way graphical and tabular.

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