Brainvire’s VoSAP App is Acknowledged By United Nations as Useful Tool for Specially Abled People

Utah, USA 05th April2018

The intergovernmental organization seeking international cooperation and collaboration has mentioned VoSAP's app, developed by Brainvire, under "Useful tools" to help specially abled people with accessibility and awareness.

Brainvire's well-designed application with seamless UI, intuitiveness, and user experience in VoSAP become the main pillars in order to set the bar for usefulness. The honorable prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi also shared his vision to support the noble idea through the VoSAP (Voice of Specially Abled People) app.

"We are extremely glad as our applications are recognized at international level. It's a proud moment for all of us. I would like to congratulate Mr. Pranav Desai, his vision and leadership helped many and it will continue to help millions. This app, if utilized by people effectively can change the whole scenario for people with disabilities. Those who are reading this, we would like to request that spread this as much as you can and give your precious contribution towards society. Also, I appreciate the efforts Brainvire's team is putting to craft something beyond ordinary," said
Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire
Voice of SAP empowers specially abled people or people with disabilities through publically spreading awareness about accessibility, helping people with disabilities via building a community to solve the issues and assist them to obtain better facilities. Brainvire's cutting edge technology in mobile development makes Brainvire a key player in crafting one-of-its-kind solutions.

This app offers:

  • GPS publically available for photos - GPS-enabled photo upload feature that makes it easy to use
  • Buildings with accessibility ratings - Users can find buildings and places with accessibility ratings to measure accessibility provision
  • Provide ratings and upload pictures - In order to make places more accessible, users can provide ratings and upload pictures of places to spread awareness about accessibility
  • Allow people to make a pledge - User will be able to take a pledge to contribute little efforts towards betterment for the people with disabilities
  • Government Organizations and Details - Users can find various details about nearby public administration, government organizations, and other NGOs

United Nation's Newsletter Recognized VoSAP App as Useful Tool for People with Disabilities

Founded by Mr. Pranav Desai, VoSAP (voice of specially-abled people) focuses on rights of men and women with disabilities with the help of crowd-sourced data on accessibility. It encourages industry leaders, professionals, volunteers, and community members to take a pledge to contribute little efforts to making places accessible.

This app can be downloaded here:
For AppStore iOS: IOS App
For Android: Android App

United Nation's Enable Newsletter represents various activities, events, programs, and results with inputs from UN offices, agencies, funds to help people with disabilities. The Feb-March 2018 issue of newsletter covered Voice of SAP in under 'USEFUL TOOL' section.

Brainvire, on the other hand, is committed to craft apps with seamless user experience, smooth navigation, and modern features. With an aim to be at the top of mobile app development and web development, Brainvire comes forward with the innovative idea, skills, and cost-effective business models.

About Voice of SAP

Voice of specially-abled people is an actionable advocacy organization that encourages people to spread awareness on accessibility for specially-abled people. You can download an app and be a part of it to help to make places and services accessible for people with disabilities.

About Brainvire

Developing solutions with innovation, usability, and efficiency, Brainvire is one of the top IT consulting firms. Brainvire's out-and-out expertise and experience make it a preferable choice for web and mobile app development regardless of the types of business domains.

Armed with many accolades such as 'Top Ecommerce Developers 2017', 'Top IT Services 2017', 'Top Mobile App Developers 2017', and 'Top Ecommerce Developers 2018' by Clutch, Brainvire is dedicated to bringing a difference through unparalleled services.

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