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Brainvire’s VoSAP Continues to Make a Difference in the Lives of Specially Abled People�

30th January, Los Angeles, USA

With such noble thought, Brainvire announced to become an active part of the visionary undertaking, VoSAP(Voice of Specially Abled People).

Fulfilling the aim of changing the perspectives for specially-abled individuals, Mr. Pranav Desai, Vice president of the leading IT firm has shared the visions with Brainvire to make a useful app for people with disabilities.

Brainvire, one of the leading IT consulting firms has created the VoSAP app with the helpful and advanced features such as observing accessible places for specially abled people, growing the community to help them, and establishing voluntary services to promote the accessibility and awareness.

VoSAP: Indian PM Narendra Modi's Dream Come True with Brainvire's Pioneer App Development Efforts

Mr. Pranav Desai, who has not only met the honorable PM, Narendra Modi, but also met some leading organizations, corporate leaders, ministers to share the purposes, objectives, and aim to serve better to the community.

The Voice of Specially Abled People, VoSAP aims to cater the needs of empowering the people with disabilities. Beyond traditional and welfare perspectives, Mr. Desai believes that education and mobility can help to promote accessibility, transportation, skills development, and can empower a large community of SAP.

To shape this idea, Brainvire's proficient team put best efforts to craft such an amazing app which supports the advanced features of a networking app. Adopting strategies via a mobile app is a true mark of digital transformation that can help fulfill the objectives.

Brainvire Demonstrated Excellence: Apple and Android VoSAP App To Seize The Opportunity

There are many organizations who are working in this area. The primary focus of this mobile app is on the mobility to derive the flexibility that can be used anywhere and anytime. People with disabilities are entitled to have accessibility and this app is created for the same purpose.

The team of Brainvire went core to understand the requirement and ultimate objectives behind the creation of this app. With the finest user experience and advanced features, android app and apple app are being used by a significant number of users in short time.

On this note, Brainvire's CEO, Mr. Chintan Shah said, "Brainvire is honored to become a part of this social welfare activity and we are looking forward to contributing as much as we can. Our employees have taken the pledge to participate in this mission. I'd like to thank you, Mr. Pranav Desai, for his vision and activities. He is doing best for this society and I believe we all should think in this perspectives."

And it doesn't end here, a day prior to 26th of January, Brainvire's team gathered to celebrate the 69th Republic day of India and we are proud to say that our team pledged to become an active part to accomplish the Voice of SAP mission. Our Brainvire family has pledged to help Specially Abled Individuals in need by chipping in our efforts as much as we can by spreading the awareness about accessible places for the disabled individuals via the Voice of SAP app. We all shall be contributing to growing the awareness about this application by becoming an active volunteer. Because change begins at home, we want to be the ones to take the initial steps inspiring others to follow our generous causes.

About VoSAP:


Voice of SAP is an actionable advocacy mobile app for empowering specially-abled people and works as a community for persons with disabilities. It allows for crowdsourced data on accessibility, volunteer services, solutions, issues news on disability, etc.

About Brainvire:

Brainvire is a leading digital transformation firm to transform your vision into reality. Working with the majority of the industry verticals, Brainvire's portfolio speaks its strength to deliver out-of-the-box solutions.

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