Brainvire’s Web Developer Gets Coveted Magento Certification

Magento Commerce, the e-commerce platform for growth has emerged as the most versatile and dynamic online shopping cart technology in the market today. Magento has proved its competency in understanding the best practices of building successful solutions. Magneto's professional certification program provides a way for qualified and experienced Magento developers to demonstrate their skills and is a worldwide recognized certification. Choosing a partner having Magento Certified Developers will ensure that your project will be architected the right way and that the end result will provide values for years to come.

The fact shows that Magento is the world's fastest growing e-commerce platform with more than $20 billion online shopping transactions every year through some 70,000 merchants. Brainvire believes in supporting Magento to ensure that the solution is delivered and implemented by the experts with quality standards and best practice methodologies. Our certified Magento developers are proficient in providing robust user experience and flexibility on all the e-commerce platforms.

We have adopted this platform and have developed high-performance Magento powered sites for our clients across USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Magento platform encourages clean coding, best web practices and its XML layout system streamlines, upgrades, troubleshoots and support extended functionality. We are experts in designing, building, hosting and optimizing some of the top Magento eCommerce development space because of the skills and ability of our team members who are Magento certified. Brainvire team understands the customer's requirement in detail and is strongly committed in providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

Keeping in mind the Magento ecommerce website development company popularity, Brainvire has made a priority to make its team a Magento Certified Developers in the months to come. This puts us in a position not only to attract new Magento developers in our team but also to provide our clients with the skilled resources necessary to build performance driven and functionality enhanced Magento sites. This certification also represents the opportunity to be a part of a strong team of Magento experts working together in a successful community across the globe. This will surely deepen the knowledge of the platform and our key developers will get a chance to utilize this knowledge in building a strong and robust Magento sites and their myriad applications.

One of our Magento Certified Developer has to say “Magento Certification has given me a chance to broaden my overall knowledge on Magneto platform and prove my abilities in delivering quality solutions to our clients”. Thanks to such high quality standards that give us an immense confidence and make us stand apart from others.

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