The client approached Brainvire to develop a product about system IP and browser’s activity tracking system which could fulfil the requirement for a secured and intelligent report generation for market research.

Project Highlights

Brainvire’s veteran web development experts created an agile solution catering to the client’s IP and browser tracker system requirements. It offers a robust mechanism to gather the user’s browser activity data and stores them in DB.

The Challenges

  • Tracking Mechanism
    The client required an IP tracking system to collect the user’s browser activity.
  • Customized Firefox and IE Plugins
    The client wanted a fully personalized plugin for IE and Firefox.
  • Admin Panel
    The client desired for a feature that could offer an overview of every report.
  • Report Generation
    For improved market research, the client needed a smart and secured report functionality.

Tech Stack

  • Tech stack related technology logos


  • Tech stack related technology logos



  • Seamless Browsing Experience

    With an accurate browser activity tracking system, the client could witness a remarkable improvement in the browser performance and offer the user a seamless browsing experience.
  • Exceptional Data Storage

    The client was now able to not only store the user’s activity and history in a secured manner, but also generate highly notable date-wise, duration-wise, and user-wise reports.
  • Trustworthy Data

    With easy browser activity tracking and record generation, the client could successfully research the internet usability market.
  • Advanced Security

    The advanced user data security has helped the client to make sure every browser activity report is secure and protected against a data breach.

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