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About Product

The product is about system IP and browser’s activity tracking system which caters a requirement for a secured and intelligent report generation for market research.

Business Challenges

The client required a tracking system of user’s overall browser activity which enhances market research and user’s browsing experience. The client asked for custom made plugin for IE and Firefox.


In just 3 months, the Brainvire team came up with anextensible and flexible solution which caters browser and IP tracker system requirements.The solution provides astrong mechanism for fetching every browser activity details and records them in DB. Frequent server communication is achieved using JSON technology. Admin panel is formed for anoverview and detailed reports.


  • A tracking mechanism for each site, URL, headers of the request with content type/error code.
  • Tracking of System IP.
  • Records of particular user’s history and activity.
  • Report generation according to browser activity date, time, duration, username, URL, error code etc.
  • Installation and un-installation report and most used sites report.
  • User-wise, date-wise and duration-wise sorted reports functionality for Admin.
  • Access rights to change user and data logs.
  • Protected against hacking.
  • Provision for turning this toolbar to default toolbar.
  • Activation and deactivation switches for thetoolbar.
  • Automatic version control mechanism for IE and Firefox extensions.


  • An accurate system for browser activity tracking enhances the performance of browser in a remarkable manner.The user has now an ease of browsing experience.
  • With proper storage of data records, reports produced are highly notable and game changers.
  • A client is now able to research the internet usability market with more trustworthy data.
  • Security is advanced through hacking prevention.