Brainvire Designed an Online Platform That Seamlessly Connects Patients With 1800 Diagnostic Centers in the US

September 18, 2020 Dallas, USA

Brainvire’s team brainstormed thoroughly to refurbish the client’s current system. The client desired to convert their unique idea into a reality by developing software for healthcare industry. The team carried out in depth research about the patients’ needs for the same.

The team blended these requirements with their expertise to introduce impactful features on the platform.

Based in the United States, the client is a well-known enterprise associated with the healthcare industry. They offer the most affordable blood diagnostic test services across the country. Customers can easily purchase blood panels and tests online. They can also pay for them online securely through credit card or PayPal.

Along with an improved feature, the team also helped the client to introduce UI/UX, and layout for the current web platform.

“Healthcare industry has evolved tremendously and is constantly on the move. With intelligent technologies and smarter systems, there is an increased feasibility in the industry. Our team introduced advanced features, technologies, and improvement for this platform. This helped the client get an edge over their competition and offer more constructive services to patients,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

Brainvire’s team of experts consulted the client to create a unique search platform that suffice the needs of specific medical assistance seeking individuals.They can obtain medical attention and treatments against specific diseases and medical conditions.

It's for patients like these that Brainvire’s healthcare consultants came up with this exceptional solution. The team transformed the ideated concept of the client and created a unique search platform for patients seeking specific Hormonal Condition treatments. Patients can enter their information and can also contact the relevant clinics to get the much-needed treatments.

The platform offers personal as well as remote consultation. Currently, it caters to the needs of patients and clinics within the US regions and will soon target the global market. Brainvire’s Microsoft .NET team provided the technical backbone to ensure the system caters to the unique purpose for what it is built for.

The system is designed in such a way that clinics across the US can register themselves and have a listing of one or more clinics specializing in multiple treatments and medicine offerings. These clinics can see patients at their physical location or via remote telemedicine consultation.

On the other hand, patients seeking medical attention may list down their required medical treatment and contact details and the nearest clinic registered with the platform. The platform will be notified to contact the patient and address their needs.

Overall this platform acts as a bridge between the healthcare service providers and patients seeking specific healthcare treatment. Also the platform is HIPPA compliant.

About Brainvire

Developing solutions with innovation, usability, and efficiency, Brainvire is one of the top IT consulting firms. With over 20 years of experience and more than 800 employee strength, it strives to create a difference in society through technology. Having delivered over 1500 projects to its clientele spread globally, it has endured a 95% customer retention rate. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Cloud ERP, CRM for E-commerce, etc. for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority.

It has earned many accolades such as ‘Top IT Services Firm 2020’, ‘Top Mobile App Developers 2020’, and ‘Top E-commerce Developers 2020’ by Clutch.

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