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Internal Drone Management System For Improved Task Management For A Marketing Agency

Brainvire’s talented development team created a new internal drone management system to manage task assignments to users.

May 8, 2020, Dallas, USA
Brainvire - Build internal drone management system
The client is a full service, integrated marketing agency serving clients internationally. The client wanted to develop an internal system to manage tasks and assign them to organization users to inspect the task by personnel visiting the site. Since multiple organizations will be registered with the system and each can create their own project and assign them to a team member, the need was to make a simplified solution where each project’s progress can be tracked easily. Brainvire vouched for the client to develop a centralized system to manage tasks and completions.
The client wanted to export images from external servers. Brainvire’s developers created customization in the third-party servers to load those images into our backend. They wanted an image editor to be built into the system. We have created a JQuery image editor to modify the image. Another challenge was to export multiple images from a third-party server. Since the client can export images from a third-party server, there will be multiple images from the same task. Once the images have been synced for a task then you will have to sync only new images every time and it will be displayed in the list
“Advertising agencies work for multiple clients. Outdoor assignments require the exchange of multiple images from the site. This drone management system allows clients to manage different tasks assigned to team members by user organizations,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.
The solution enables syncing only those images that haven’t been saved to the client’s backend. Pole (task) will be assigned to specific any one user to inspect and can perform various action (edit, draw, comment and change status) but task will be open for all organization users they can view, and only comment even after the image stats is resolved. User can download the task into PDF format and only those images will be there in PDF on which applied an anomaly tag.
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