Brainvire Has Successfully Completed The Launch Loyalty Program Solution For One Of The Top Tier Asian ECommerce Brand

Loyalty program application integration for one of the leading Asian Ecommerce Brand with more than 100 million customer base

Loyalty Program is one-of-a-kind and very different from the common reward ecosystem followed by others. Being a leading Asian ecommerce web design company brand, it has a multi-brand reward ecosystem, it has a different system than its competitors. The transaction ecosystem is based on a unique API designed by Brainvire.

The .Net application development is developed as Microservices Architecture deployed on the Azure platform which allows the application to handle the huge flow of transactions on real-time bases. The application can handle close to a thousand transaction requests every second with consistency in performance.

Brainvire team has harnessed the power of the latest technologies including Kubernetes, container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications.

The app is designed in such a way that, irrespective of the mode of the payment, the user is entitled to earn super coins. Both premium and non-premium can gain loyalty coins.

The application is designed as an Exchange platform. This Exchange platform allows loyalty coins to be exchanged with other brands. The users can exchange coins with other brand's loyalty points as well and add to loyalty rewards.

Similarly, the loyalty program has accelerated the number of eCommerce platform users. Bulk transactions have been successfully managed by this highly calculated middle layer. This seamless design allows real-time data integration and data interchange with the .Net based eCommerce application.

"Our expertise in Microsoft development has provided fruitful results to businesses. Brainvire understands business needs and offers solutions accordingly. For instance, a one-stop solution has been designed with a Middle Layer API, which can manage the rewards system. We design apps that are more standardized and secured. The latest apps can also be monitored and managed for their performance. They can help to manage the changing needs of the customers and the industry." said Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO of Brainvire.

This project is based on Microsoft Azure. It offers flexible, secure, and analytical support required for the app. This app will ensure a seamless user experience program to enhance customer loyalty.

About Brainvire

Developing solutions with innovation, usability, and efficiency, Brainvire is one of the top IT consulting firms. With over 19 years of experience and more than 550 employee strength, it strives to create a difference in the society through technology. Having delivered over 1500 projects to its clientele spread globally, it has endured a 95% customer retention rate. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Cloud ERP, CRM for E-commerce, etc. for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority.

It has earned many accolades such as 'Top IT Services Firm 2019', 'Top Mobile App Developers 2019', and 'Top E-commerce Developers 2019' by Clutch.

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