Building an eCommerce Website? Don’t Miss Out These 5 Points

The world of eCommerce is gaining momentum and with the advancement of technologies, the number of platforms is emerging rapidly. However, there is no doubt about the fact, “Magento leads when it comes to developing online shopping websites”. The field of eCommerce Magento web development is getting popular each day and people don’t give it a second thought when it comes to choosing a platform to build an online store. The reasons behind the success of Magento are plenty; some of which include open source, free of cost, customizable and huge community base, to name a few. Though Magento is an ideal platform to build eCommerce website, a few factors need to be kept in mind when developing the website. Keep these five crucial things in mind while building your eCommerce store…

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Developing an amazing website with the perfect look and feel is of no use, if people don’t come to know about the existence of your website. So, it is extremely important for you to drive traffic to your website. Out of so many ways you can do so, the search engine optimization is the best way to increase traffic on your store. Use long tail keywords, but make sure you don’t over stuff it. Also, you can sprinkle keywords in content, heading, titles and the URL too.

2. Content:

Everyone knows SEO is important, but content will always remain king. Your content should be such that it should build the bonding between you and customers. The content marketing should include all types of content like articles, blogs and Infographics, to name a few. The blogs can ‘how to’ guides, transitional content as well as user generated content. You can also post 30 sec short videos for your products.

3. Translations:

If you target audience across the world, don’t forget to take care of translations. Although most people understand English, you must know that there are a lot of people who don’t prefer English. So, you must translate the content in their native languages; only then they will have delightful shopping experience.

4. Design for Speed and Performance:

The loading time of page plays an important role in customer satisfaction. So, make sure that your website gets load in not more than two seconds, in order to satisfy all the customers. Design it in such a way that the speed and performance of website gets optimized.

5. Mobile Friendly:

In this modern mobile age, where people browse on their mobile devices more than on desktop, it is essential for you to design in such a way, that your website works well on all the smartphones and tablets, so that people find it easy to browse from anywhere and at any time they want.

So, irrespective of the size of your store, there will be enough tools and themes available for your website. However, Magento web development needs a careful planning. So, make sure you follow these tips, so as to result into a successful eCommerce website.

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