Challenges in Mobile Website Development

Mobile phones are no longer restricted to calls and messaging. Internet browsing and online shopping is also assumed to be a mobile function. Past few years has seen a sudden rise in the number of smartphone users and hence demand for mobile websites has increased. Along with this, there is a demand for performance too. You cannot have a website that takes more time to load. Mobile Website Development professionals are faced with many challenges to ensure that your website works well for all your users whether on desktop or mobile phones.

Other than the basic differences between desktop and laptops as compared to mobile devices like screen size and resolution, there are a few challenges that mobile developers need to overcome to create smoothly working websites. In this article, let’s discuss the major challenges faced by the mobile application developers while designing and developing a mobile website.

  • The first challenge is to overcome Latency. However strong your network – 3G or 4G, your website will face some amount of latency while loading on a mobile device. To minimize this, mobile website development experts advice the use of fewer HTTP requests – concatenate external Java Script and CSS files. Another important consideration here is to avoid cluttering of images on your website. Use rich graphics – no doubt, but use only where required. CSS3 has special features for tactfully coding visual effects in the code itself. Avoiding redirects will definitely help your website gain some speed in loading.
  • The next major factor is the JavaScript Engines in mobile browsers. The difference in performance of the JavaScript engine on a desktop and on a mobile browser (like Safari for example) is vast. So, use only as much JavaScript as you require.
  • The third challenge in mobile website development is limited or Lower Memory than desktops and laptops. Even if you feel you have upgraded to the highest limit of memory your mobile could hold, your browser does not have access to all of it. This limitation can cause a slight downfall in performance of your mobile website.



In conclusion, mobile devices have advanced, but mobile website development still requires programmers to take into consideration a lot of uncalled factors while developing websites. A few pointers are mentioned in this article. There can be many more considerations for your website. Developing a flawlessly working website is mostly the skill of a talented web developer. Mobile devices with lower power could be in the hands of your potential customers too! User experience for such users should not be as frustrating – at least should be well covered from a development point of view. Taking into account all these factors could in the end be profitable to your business.

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