CodeIgniter – An Elegant Tool for Creation of Dynamic Web Applications

PHP frameworks are known for providing convenient options for website and web applications development and can therefore greatly simplify the tasks of the web developers. Frameworks allow for organized web development and reuse of the existing code and will thus save time and efforts of the developers. There are a number of PHP frameworks being used by the developers these days for creation of web applications or websites. However, there are a few well-defined and fully-featured frameworks that are widely used by the PHP developers across the globe for their web development needs. One of such powerful, elegant and the most popular PHP frameworks is CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter development is good for the corporates as they can embrace a competitive technology for their business to stay up with the heading competition.

There are various benefits of using Codeigniter for web application development in comparison to the other PHP frameworks.


In comparison to the other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is much easier to learn, install and utilize for development needs. It can be easily handled and customized for the specific requirements of the developers. The framework supports number of libraries and controllers which reduces much of the coding work for developers. It also facilitates for effortless migration from one server to other server.


Based on MVC architecture, CodeIgniter adds for higher level of flexibility to incorporate the changes in the web application with advancing time. It also allows for easy resource management.

Data Validation:

Working with models, data validation holds a significant importance in the CodeIgniter development process. In CodeIgniter, validation class is used to define the objects to be validated. The error messages are automated with this class.

Customization and Configuration Simplified:

It’s easy configuring and customizing files with CodeIgniter and hence, developers can get time to concentrate on their core development tasks without having to deal with configuration or customization issues.


This is a simple and very easy to use framework as there are lot of libraries and controllers to support. A major part of the developer’s task can be achieved through these libraries and controllers.

Good Documentation:

There is proper documentation available for user guide with this framework. Hence, the task of the coders to use the framework is greatly simplified as they do not have to leverage their time to understand this framework.

Easy Handling:

Whenever there is any change to be done or any new functionality to be added, it’s easy to handle with CodeIgniter as that change will not disturb the existing system in anyway. Hence, handling this framework is really easy.
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